Bus Accident Kills 18 Preschoolers in China

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At least 18 kindergarten children died Wednesday after a minibus and a truck crashed head-on in China.

The bus driver and a teacher were killed in addition to the children, making the death toll 20. An additional 44 children were hospitalized with two in critical condition, the New York Times reported.

The bus had only nine seats, but it was jammed packed with 62 children and two adults. Authorities blamed the overloading for the accident, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

The bus was driving on the wrong side of the street and both vehicles were traveling at high speeds when they collided.

The crash unleashed public anger across China, which focused on the underfunded education system.

"The kindergarten van was carrying seven times as many passengers as it should have," said Liu Shanying, an expert in public administration. "Which meant the kindergarten should have bought seven times as many vans."

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