Graduation rate at U finally rising

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The majority of University of Minnesota students are graduating in four years, an accomplishment that seemed unlikely for the university which has been experiencing low graduation rates.

New data reveals that the university's graduation rate has risen. Now, 54 percent of students who started studying at the university in 2007 earned their degrees in 2011, the Minnesota Daily reported.

The university has implemented many strategies for increasing its graduation rate including: offering free credits after the first 13, having a Welcome Week to gather freshmen together to get organized for college, and encouraging students to map out their majors and minors on the "Graduation Planner," the Star Tribune reported.

Six years ago, leaders of the university set a goal 60 percent of students graduating in four years by 2012. As of now, they are unlikely to hit this mark, but over 90 percent of students continue studying at the university after their first year.

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I think that the high percentage of students that continue studying after their first year means tht the university has lived up to their expectations and that is more important! I am sure that all of the initiatives undertaken by the officials of the university will bring the expected results in the time!Minnesoty University is prestigious institution and definitely has so much to offer!

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