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Two Dead at Va. Tech, Shooter Still at Large

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A police officer and another person are dead after a shooting on the Virginia Tech campus Thursday.

According to a university spokesman, the shooting took place around noon. A police officer performed a routine traffic stop in a parking lot, and was shot and killed. The suspect fled on foot toward a different parking lot, where the second victim was found dead.

The suspect is described as a white male wearing a gray sweatsuit and a gray hat, the Associated Press reported.

Schools in Montgomery County, where the university is located, have all been closed, the New York Times reported.

University officials are stationed all over the campus to help prevent this shooting from turning into the massacre that happened at Virginia Tech in 2007, when 33 people were killed by one shooter.

Four people were arrested in Los Angeles Monday during a confrontation with hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protesters.

The four protesters who were arrested were charged with failure to disperse.

The protesters were blocking downtown streets around City Hall. Their encampments on City Hall grounds were set to be cleared by police on Monday, but police withdrew without breaking up the camps, the New York Times reported.

Violence was avoided even though protesters taunted officers and threw water bottles as well, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The police did not comment on when they will move in on the encampment of hundreds of people, but a spokesman of the police said the goal of the Monday breakup was to allow traffic through the blocked streets.

Bell Ringers Go Digital This Season

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The Salvation Army will begin accepting digital donations this year thanks to the application Square.

Square is an application for mobile devices that allows anyone to accept credit card payments, the New York Times reported.

George Hood, the Salvation Army's spokesman said that they are incorporating the new application because "a lot of people don't carry cash any more."

The bell ringers will carry Android smartphones that are equipped with Square's card reader and application.

Hood also said that this is the Salvation Army's way of keeping up with our donors as they embrace new technologies.

Square charges a 2.75 percent fee on every transaction, the majority of which goes to the credit card companies, the Huffington Post reported.

Doctor Is Guilty in Michael Jackson's Death

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Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's physician, was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter on Monday for Jackson's death nearly two and a half years ago.

The jury reached the verdict after 22 days of testimony, 50 witnesses, and two days of deliberation, the New York Times reported.

The main focus of the trial was whether Dr. Murray failed to fulfill his duty as Jackson's physician, or if he was recklessly performing criminal negligence.

Prosecutors aimed to portray Dr. Murray as an incompetent doctor while Dr. Murray's lawyers painted him as a medical angel full of mercy.

Dr. Murray faces up to four years in prison and the potential of losing his medical license, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Jackson's parents and siblings' only reactions to the verdict was that they were "very happy" and a thumbs-up.

The Obama administration is being pressured by members of Congress to end the federal crackdown on marijuana dispensaries in California, the Huffington Post reported.

Medical marijuana dispensary owners in California were targeted by federal prosecutors on Oct. 7. The prosecutors vowed to shut down the dispensaries and also threatened to seize property from landlords who were "violating federal drug laws."

Four United States attorneys in California said they would crackdown on dozens of dispensaries, which sell marijuana to anyone with a recommendation from a doctor. "It is just a large-scale drug-selling operation," the New York Times reported.

California is not the only state that is being affected by federal raids on dispensaries. In the past couple of months, over seven other states that permit medical cannabis have had federal raids shut down dispensaries.

"By pursuing the same harsh policies that have been in place for years, we fear that the federal government will push legitimate patients back into the uncertainty and danger of the illicit market," a letter to the White House stated.

Search for Lost Girl Puts Spotlight on Mother's Past

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Ms. Hunter, mother of missing 5-year-old Jhessye Shockley, has criticized the media for not giving the case the same national attention that white children who disappear are given.

Cable News executives have repeatedly said that race does not determine which missing persons cases to publicize.

Jhessye has been missing since October 11 and the search continues with fliers being posted on storefronts, detectives going door to door, and an Amber alert being issued.

Relatives of Jhessye complain that the media is focusing too much attention on Ms. Hunter's past, and not enough on Jhessye's disappearance.

Before Jhessye's birth, Ms. Hunter served about four years in prison for child abuse, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Police said they consider Jhessye's disappearance a high priority and her skin color, nor Ms. Hunter's past, has any affect on their investigation, the New York Times reported.

Preserve Owner Was Bitten by Big Cat, Authorities Say

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Terry Thompson, owner of the wildlife preserve in Zanesville, Ohio, was found dead Thursday on his driveway with a large bite mark on his head.

It appears that Thompson, 62, fatally shot himself after releasing 56 exotic creatures of his from their cages. One of the large cats tried to eat Thompson's dead body, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Forty-eight of the 56 creatures that fled were killed by police officers, six were tranquilized and are being treated at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, and last two have not been found.

The killings erupted a global outrage due to the fact that 18 of the animals were endangered species, the New York Times reported.

What is to be done with the animals that were not killed is still in question.

Kansas City Bishop Robert Finn was indicted Friday on allegations of sheltering an abusive clergyman.

The Kansas City-St. Joseph Catholic Diocese, who is supervised by Finn, had been allegedly taking pornographic photographs of underage girls, reported the New York Times.

The Diocese is facing multiple counts of child pornography.

Finn acknowledged that he and other diocese officials knew about the photographs for about five months before they reported it to the police.

The amount of photographs is estimated in the hundreds and were found on the Kansas City-St. Joseph Catholic Diocese's computer.

Finn is the first U.S. bishop to be charged for sheltering an abusive clergyman, the Associated Press reported.

A diversity of labor unions joined Occupy Wall Street's effort Wednesday to rise up against corporate greed.

Occupy Wall Street has one main demand; that banks and major corporations should be held responsible for the country's economic crisis, the Los Angeles Times reported.

People of all ages and professions gathered to protest many topics including racism, hunger, and wars in Iraq and Pakistan. They also supported topics such as workers' rights, higher taxes for millionaires, and an overhaul of the country's financial system.

Melanie Hamlett, 33, was among the protestors and when asked what her main goal is, she reponded, "It's hard because there are so many issues, but it all comes down to money."

The Occupy Wall Street protests began on Sept. 17, with only a few dozen protestors. Since then, the numbers have grown astronomically to hundreds and even thousands of protestors, the Washington Post reported.

These protests are not limited to Manhattan. Many schools, including the University of Minnesota, have started their own protests under the name Occupy Colleges.

Five Bodies Found in Two Homes in Rural Indiana

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Police found five dead bodies Sunday in rural Franklin County, Ind.

The bodies were found in two neighboring homes with four bodies in one home and the last body in the other home.

Authorities received a call Sunday afternoon from a concerned person regarding a small child wandering the streets of the neighborhood, CNN reported.

Using the information acquired from the child and neighbors, the police located a dead man at one address and four dead bodies, two male and two female, at the address across the street.

The cause of death for all of the victims appears to be gunshot wounds, the International Business Times reported.

There are currently no suspects or persons of interest.

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