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new literacies: diglits disrupt the ol' @bc's ;)


The still swirling body of new literacies is a field I have much to learn about.

Taking a peek at the digital poetry of Thom Swiss (see link below) shows how the traditional senses of time, space, word, and author are disrupted. I wonder how these changes in form and genre will change our behaviors as readers and ultimately our roles as educators of these new media?

With the arrival of these new media, that strategically juxtapose images comes the need to be literate of design. Gunther Kress writes a lot about design. I have yet to read any of his work, but look forward to checking him out. (His book on new digital literacies sit atop my kitchen table at this very moment--perhaps I'll finish blogging soon and crack it open).


Below are some good sites that explore the changing norms of design. My eyes have especially enjoyed the eneri site. eneri design consultant artistica graphical design journal netdiver digital design

Other links that explore digital literacies in general include the following:

ReadWriteThink (NCTE lesson plan for analyzing new media)

Colin Lankshear and Michelle Knobel's blog

Henry Jenkins 2006 White Paper--"Confronting Challenges of Participatory Culture: Media Education for the 21st Century"