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Recently I've been reading a lot about gender and technology. Especially interesting was an article I read by Jaqueline Rhodes (2002), "'Substantive and Feminist Girlie Action': Women Online," which discusses various women's movements and their use of writing technologies to promote participation for voices traditionally marginalized. Also discussed are the gendered representations of techonlogy: the internet as "female," and computers as "masculine." These gendered concepts present women's communication styles as limited in their ability to fully reap the benefits of a male-designed cyberspace. While I agree that a certain logos, perhaps male oriented(?) dominates technological design, I feel that there is something positive (not clear yet how I want to articulate this "something positive") about the increased female participation within these online realms, especially when looking at the tween and teen demographics. Perhaps there is more gender related mediation happening that we aren't aware of. (I need to educate myself more on this. ) I acknowledge that design can be just as discursive as words, but I wonder how much these limitations are gender related?

To get back to Rhodes, she definitely had many other good points to make, which perhaps I'll write more about later, especially after I read more of Kress's work on design. For now, however, I just wanted to start an entry to file resources related to this idea.

BlogHer http://www.blogher.org/
This is a website the features female bloggers. Some questions that run through my mind when I look over these blogs are... how are "women's ways of knowing" represented in the range of topics covered by women bloggers? How do the women create a collaborative environment of "constructed knowled"? How do women challenge and reify the blog genre?

... and, in order to connect the cool snap of Rebecca, I also wonder how Rebecca Blood's blog writing would fit into this sampling? http://www.blogher.org/

"Gender and Technology" This article by Marion Harris Fey discusses gender in the classroom related to technology. I have yet to read it myself but wanted to keep it handy.
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