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digital storytelling


I have just stumbled across some sites, articles and resources helpful in the thinking about digital storytelling as multimodal practice. I wonder how this mode/genre of expression might be linked with the massive YouTube movement in terms of composition? Participation? Education? Access? These are questions I need to address more as I explore the mode/genre.


I love how these images above capture the authors in the active process of composing. I wonder in what ways the pleasure in composing these multimodal texts differs from the composition based soley in written words. I know for myself, creating a mini-video or even a blog entry involves a different type of pleasure, a sort of play, but serious play. Further analysis of this communicative pleasure would be helpful in terms of curriculum design.

Below are some sites that feature digital storytelling or related resources:
D.U.S.T.Y. -- Digital Underground Storytelling For Youth
Check out the digital story "Lyfe-N-Rhyme"

Below are some academic articles related to digital storytelling:


I am just in the process of creating a digital story of my experience in Cartagena. I think the process is very powerful because it not only communicates content and emotion, but enables the creator to recall the emotions of the experience when creating the story. I am finding this now as the emotions are so strong and mixed that it is difficult for me to create a logical sequence for a story - maybe I need to have a story that contains flashes of experiences and related emotions.

I too have been dealing with some of these questions myself how to sort through emotions and memories in a way that help me plan creating a digital archive of my experience (I'm thinking in particular of making a some films about a trip to Spain, my gradmother's quilting, and also a narrative of my son's first two years of life.) All in all, I've found myself watching a lot of documentaries, viewing various YouTube videos, and digital poetry, to see how they represent memory and emotions. While I'm still definitely trying to figure out how I will present these memories, it has been helpful.

Good luck as you work through your process. I'd love to see what you come up with when you combine all your images and thoughts. I've heard that the mountains in Columbia are beautiful. If they are anything like the Andes I saw in Venezuela, they are definitely worth capturing in video.

yours, candance

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