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Videoblogs/"Vlogs" (ci.5410.1a)

Well, my search for a good documentary vlog, inspired by recently seeing Ken Burns, was unsuccessful. That said, I know they are out there and I intend to find one. In the meantime, I have made a list of some of the blogs that I stumbled upon. I've listed them here for different reasons. They all have a different voice. What exactly I mean by voice when dealing with multimodal texts is still undeveloped--a concept I hope to explore more throughout the next few months.

If I'd have to choose a favorite at this point it would be pouringdown because of its artistic play with images. I feel that the vlog's writer is really trying to re-see things through his camera. I suppose most filmmakers are trying to do this. Also, this vlog features some videos that use extensive voice overs, which get me thinking a lot about how video composition might be used to motivate writing--writing being what you do to brainstorm and plan out a video. To get a feel for what I mean, check out this video "feverdream."

In terms of a vlog that I feel serves as a mentor text, I am drawn to Mom's Brag Vlog I love the way she takes short clips of footage and turns them into gifts for her family and friends, all the while compiling an archive of memories for her daughters growing up. See for example the short video "Telephone". I've been trying to do some of my own memory archiving of mine and my son's relationship. I really enjoy the process of making little videos or slide shows of him. The process of choosing images and music, or deciding what footage to cut and what footage to foreground really slows down my thinking about him and who he is as a little person. Everybody tells me that before I know it he will be going to school and then GRADUATING from school. Making the videos allows me to reflect on what is happening right now in his life. In some cases it actually allows me to better appreciate the little things, such as new words, diaper rash, dinner time, which any parent can say is a messy ordeal.

I'm currently working on a little video called "Pizza." I hope to have it finished and able to post within the next week. All of this play with video composing and editing helps me to better understand the process. Hopefully, it will make me better able to study and teach video composition. In the meantime, I'm having so much fun.


Vlog sites:
Minnesota Stories
(personal picks include: Video Haiku, schmlog,Vlog Dan)

pouringdown (Daniel Liss' vlog)
seven maps (video assignments completed while visiting Montreal)
Mom's Brag Vlog
karmagrrrl (older archives)
90 seconds of Dave

Discussion of Vlogs:

The Film of Tommorow
loaded pun
Henry Jenkins' YouTube and the Vaudeville Aestetic


I struggled to find good vlog sites for models as well. I want to find something that I'd want my students to create, something that could link to my content. Let me know if you find anyting.

One of the best local guys is Chuck Olsen: http://blogumentary.typepad.com/ and MNSpeaks. You might also check out his Blogumentary, which is uploaded on YouTube now. It's great for teaching blogs as citizen journalism.

(I'm blogrolling you, btw!)

hi & thanks for this.

i love the vlog pouringdown.tv by photographer daniel liss

scratchvideo.tv is by a editor. very quirky shorts

vidlicious.blogspot.com is a collective space for women vloggers (occasionally there are great clips). lots of links to women vloggers.

i also find digital storytelling really powerful form. not posted on blogs necessarily, but still very personal uses of video, still, and sound. try:
capturewales project (google it)
and the photobus is also cool:

good luck on your search!