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blogging to learn: reflections on the semester (ci.5410.14)

As I look back at my various blog postings for CI 5410, I would have to say that they all forced me to look at issues of digital writing that I might not otherwise have considered. I think specifically of my entry on voice thread, and box logic. Both represent approaches that were completely unexpected, but have so much potential for multimodal composition. I can see myself having students use Voice Thread or compose some box logic project on their own.

What have perhaps influenced my thinking the most, are the blog postings related to video composition or image mashing in some way. These entries include MANY of my postings, since my line of inquiry often brought me there. But to highlight the posts I feel most represent my thinking, as a result of this class, I choose the three following posts:

1. My first "Vlog" entry: process and product

The Cummings Books video was my first attempt at mixing sound, still and moving images to creating a coherent text. Making that video gave me first hand experience with multimodal composition, which has enhanced my understanding of all I've read about video composition since making that video.

2. Reflections on my first podcast

Making this podcast was hard work, but so helpful in thinking about all the decisions involved in composition, especially when bringing multiple modes into the mix. When putting this podcast together, I had to make many editing decisions related to narrowing the focus and maintaining a coherent narrative. Editing the 30 minutes down to 5 minutes took close to 5 hours.

3. Launching Nonikwe

This wiki, that I created earlier this semester has become an integral part of my thinking. Not only does it serve as a portal to my online navigation, it allows me to bookmark online sites in a more meaningful way than de.lic.ous would in that I am constantly reconfiguring how these fields of thought are related to each other. I am so glad that I started that wiki.

Pedagogically speaking, I find the blog to be a nice medium to publish product but also showcase process. I will continue using it as a tool to push my own thinking, such as with this research blog. Also, I hope to keep using them with my students as an entry point to thinking about digital writing.


It is interesting to read back over the blog, isn't? I can't believe how much we've done, so much so that I don't remember writing some of my postings. The blog for me is an important archive.