April 30, 2007

Mornings with Oliver

I have to jot this down before I forget. Just yesterday, I was on an early morning walk with Oliver. Early morning walks have become a frequent practice as of late as Oliver has learned both the joys of exploring the outdoors when the weather is pleasant and the baby sign for “outside.� He isn’t even up ten minutes before his is signing to go outside. It is so cute to watch him pat his chest with his left hand and then point to the door. Of course there is also always some audible sigh he makes to voice his desires. I should catch it on video sometime. For now I have some photos of us on yesterday’s morning stroll.

Just recently, Oliver has become involved with a kiddie-shopping cart. He loves to push it around outside. Up and down the sidewalk of our block, he steers and accelerates the motion of his cart. The absolute joy he derives from just pushing the cart is still unknown to me. Perhaps it is the security he feels it provides to his balance—with it he feels more confident to walk with speed? Or is it that he finds joy in mimicking adult who push around strollers. Whatever it is, I am tickled by the sight of his body leaning into the cart to thrust it forward, and the sound of his giggle soaked in pleasure.

Yesterday, Oliver let me in on one of his newest practices, collecting pine cones. Oliver’s burgeoning relations with the shopping cart facilitates this practice tremendously.

January 11, 2007

love being lost


I'm addicted to the TV show lost. I haven't been a loyal TV watcher since the days of Who's the Boss? when I'd tune in every Tuesday night to watch Tony Danza and pick up fashion tips from Alyssa Milano (I was in late elementary school when the show was big). I don't want to say that I never watched TV. I liked Will and Grace. Also the few episodes I saw of Six Feet Under and Sex in the City also kept me watching. But I never felt that connected to the characters. Well enough about all of that. The only reason I decided to post this entry was to have easy access to downloading past episodes of the show. I've just finished season 2 and am ready to watch some of season 3 but without commercials.

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