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November 30, 2006

For the record

Because the debate is pretty much over, I was just curious how or why China and Russia decided to turn a blind eye to their once oh so amazing communist partner-in-crime North Korea. I mean, really; China was my ace in the hole.

I had to play Kim Jong-Il in a fantasy land. I cannot even imagine what it would be like to make the real decisions. I think he is a lunatic. It's tough to get into the head of a lunatic.

Kimmy my boy, WTF

This whole situation with our Nuclear weapons testing has been a complete disaster for me, my family and my community. For the past ten years we have been struggling dearly to find enough food to eat even with the aid from the U.N.. Kim has made this situation worse by banning any private market exchanges of grain. I don't have much money, I can barely support my family as it is. Even the rich families are struggling to barter enough goods to find enough food. With this whole import ban thing in effect stimulated by the Nuke testing, we can't get enough supplies to grow our crops, leaving many of us to flee illegally to China or South Korea. China, please help us and allow us to enter your country as refugees.

Sincerely, Korean Man Toso

Do you feel lucky punk? (North Korea)

Its now or never. China is prepared to par-take in a military push provided all parties and UN back the proposal. The more time that this is allowed to continue the further along the North Korean nuclear program developes. We have to make some sort of threat to North Korea now. In waiting we might as well accept the fact that North Korea is going to be a nuclear nation. This might set off the arms race with countries like Iran. So China is saying now or never America.Lets Roll.

US Ambassador Bell (China)

Senator Martins reactions on the “Compromise�

I must praise Chairman Ill, I didn’t think he had it in him to be so utopian. This compromise I must admit sounds good on paper, and I’m pretty sure everyone wouldn’t oppose living in a non-nuclear world. But to possibly think the world is willing or even capable to do it just because some rogue leader calls for disarmament is beyond ludicrous.

The main problem with this compromise is, it would compromise the national security of the US, its allies, and not to mention the world. The more scrupulous of the nuclear nation; the US France, Britain, and Russia would most likely disarm is there was a UN resolution to do so. However I can’t say the same for China, India, Pakistan, North Korea or Israel, who or what would stop them from partially disarming and then rearm a year later. I can just hear someone saying “the UN could�, but realistically the UN couldn’t even stop one country from pursuing a nuclear program. The second scenario that is troublesome is this: countries such as Iran who don’t have nuclear weapons but have nuclear programs and could develop weapons, and then you’d have an unstable nation being the only nuclear power in the world with no one to challenge them.

Personally, I think the only reason North Korea is issuing this compromise is there running out of options. Their ports and lands are blockaded, their closest allies have turned against them, and they have no where to go. North Korea is in a long slow battle of attrition, that there slowing losing. If Chairman Ill doesn’t want to talk sensibly its his loss, all we have to do is wait and he’ll bleed him self out.

North Korea Challenges UN

It has come to the attention of the United Nations that North Korea is quite displeased with the response to its proposed compromise between itsel fand the rest of the world. I, the Chief Administrator, received the following via telegraph in the early morning of 30 November 2006.

"It cannot be in the best interests of member nations not to look into this proposal."

I believe I have firmly outlined the reasoning behind each nations' disapproval of the compromise.

"... it is YOUR job, not mine, to make the international community see the value in this project."

My job is to ensure the maintainence of outright peace and stability throughout the international community...that is the UN's job. I am unsure as to why you've delegated the responsibility of enforcement of YOUR plan toward the UN, especially a plan aimed at destabilizing the status quo. I also lack the knowledge as to why debate continues on this compromise...it is dead in the UN, the US, and China.

"Sadly, your stance, and that of member nations, reveals something shocking: The refusal to relinquish absolute power over the world."

I think you are forgetting that the United Nations IS the world. Our 192 member states make up the majority of the populations of the international community. The sort of cooperation constructed against your idea is actually quite remarkable. Where is the absolute power if all are in agreement?

The following message was telegraphed to my office on 25 November 2006 from Chairman Il:

"You ask where the threat is, Mr. Siegel? The United States certainly found a way to make Iraq a threat, did it not? How many nuclear weapons have they found there Mr. Administrator? We have plenty to fear, Mr. Siegel, this I can assure you. If the United States can simply decide when and under what circumstances it conducts a war, then it must be in the best interests of the Democratic Republic of North Korea that we do all in our power to make sure we are not next in the list of "Rouge States" that the United States plans to conquer and then abandon. If we do not develop the weapons to protect our land, then we are most certainly next. President Bush has in fact issued a pseudo declaration of war in his previous speech, outlining the "Axis of Evil" that needs to be dealt with. In fact, Mr. Administrator, we have much to fear."

Memo of 30 November 2006:

"It cannot be in the best interests of member nations not to look into this proposal. You, sir, could not be more wrong in one of your arguments. The money SAVED from this endevour would reach untold billions. The United States, as I'm sure you are well aware, spends hundreds of billions of dollars a year maintaining its missile fields in the Dakotas and the 7 billion dollar ballistic missle submarines it has prowling around our waters."

This continuous dumping of responsibility onto the shoulders of the United Nations is ill-founded. I fear that you have brought your broken bicycle to a piano repair shop. It is not the UN who blockades your waters this evening. It is not the UN who is constructing trade barriers. No UN resolution was passed to direct men or machine against the Democratic Republic of North Korea. Your chief interests are expressed toward the actions of the United States. Why, then, are you pulling the UN to fix your relationshipial troubles with the US? For the time being, I feel that the outward discrepancies can best be handled within your two nation states. You both must work together to come about a solution. No matter what the international community contributes, you continuously rebuttle with negativity dealing with the United States, not the UN. It seems you are not willing to actively participate until the US meets your needs, something only workable through the US. The UN is, of course, genuinely concerned with the situation, however the continuous assault of UN values through citation of US efforts alone is frustrating and unconstructive. We hope for positive developments in the future so that we can once again work as a whole and push forward.


UN Chief Administrator Siegel

The World needs to join together, not send America alone

Dear Readers,

As the Chief Administrator of the European Union I would like to wish everyone well for the upcoming elections tomorrow. The past few weeks have been a great opportunity for the world to converge on such an important issue in our world today. I have learned a lot from the citizens of the United States to Kim Jong-Il himself about the contrasting opinions on this issue. As we head into the elections tomorrow, I would like to address everyone with the European Unions final stance on the issue of the United States involvement in North Korea in this memo.

The European Union believes that it is in the best interest of the United States and the world if they did not enter this conflict under their name alone. An issue involving nuclear weapons involves the global community since the safety of the global population would be at risk. It would be wise for the United States to push its efforts to actually supporting the United Nations in all of its potential. The European Union is growing bored with the lack of negotiations coming from North Korea despite all of our efforts so we have weakened our connections. Action needs to take place, but at the correct time and with support of the global community.

The European Union plans to continue the humanitarian assistance that we offer to the citizens of North Korea currently. For those who are unaware the EU has been providing assistance ever since 1995 when devastating floods struck the country. We provide the citizens with medicines, water, food, and we provide a better option for sanitation, winter clothes and hygiene. It is in the best interest of the world to support the people of North Korea but oppose the regime in power. We must look out for the millions of people who are actually suffering under the regime and will be affected by any actions we decide to take.

I hope the European Union will be supported by others reading this memo. With your support we are already a step closer to global cooperation. I thank you all and I bid you a pleasant evening and a good nights rest for the elections tomorrow morning.

Thank you,

Diane Galatowitsch, The Chief Administrator of the European Union

A Senator's View

In response to Kim Jong-Il's "compromise," I do not think that a proposition like this will ever work. In an ideal world, this would be a great solution and promote only peace. However, we don't live in a perfect world and it is necessary for nations to have means of protection. The United States of America will not disarm and other nations will likely follow. Why would the U.S. or any other nation give up its power to defend itself to a nation that has threatened the world? Sure, we all want world peace, but I don't see that ever being a realistic situation. Peace can only be minimized.

The fact still stands that North Korea has nuclear weapons and is not exhibiting the ability to control them or remain in a peaceful state. It is clear how the UN and various other countries feel about North Korea and this blockade will remain until North Korea decides to be realistic. We need to continue working with the UN and other nations to resolve this issue as peacefully as possible. In the coming months, a timetable should be set up for North Korea. If this is still unable to persuade Mr. Il, military force will be used. The United States will stand with this issue and not give up because of Mr. Il's inability to work with everyone else in the world. The U.S. will not be disarming its nuclear weapons and will continue to work to rid North Korea of its nuclear plans.

Senator Austin


The United States does not agree to the compromise brought forth by Chairman Il regarding a complete nuclear disarmament because nothing will be gained of it. The United States relies not on nuclear weaponry and hasn't since 1953 nor do ANY of our ready-planned offensive military scenarios in the Marine Corps and Army contain anything about using nuclear weaponry solely because they will never be used in an offensive situation; also see the unilateral non-proliferation cooperation movement between Russia and the United States with removing all nuclear artillery shells in 1991-2003. Our position as a "sole super power" is merely relative and is in no way proportional to our quantity nor quality of nuclear weaponry but is more a function of our technology and versatile abilties. However the light on our status with relation with the rest of the world is entirely irrelevant as well as this silly "compromise". That is all the United States will share on the issue at this time.

Secretary of State Mark DIlle

China is all like What? What?

China feels this disarming is a ludacris idea. Its in total agreement with UN. After what the nations went through to secure nuclear weapons it would be a huge waste of their money to simply throw it all away. On top of that this would almost surely cause the US's title of the so called "super power" to diminish in some way. China can't seriously believe that the US would let that happen or consider this. It also needs to be brought up that North Korea proposed this. North Korea is an unstable country and isnt in any positions to be making such requests. China will put away its nuclear weapons when everybody else does first, and their positive everyone else feels the same way.

US Ambassador Bell (China)

Eremita for Senator

In the upcoming election an important decision regarding our nation's young people will take place. Vote for myself, Senator Victor Eremita, for the protection of our children. My oppoents, Senator Hauko and the owner of "Beer-a-licious" Parag Shah want to irrationally and irresponcibily create a federal drinking age of 18. (There is no federal drinking age as of yet, but the federal government keeps state government's drinking age at 21 with financial incentives.)
Sen. Hauko asserts that, "I feel that like most things, people only want what they cannot have. If we make alcohol legal, teens will not feel the strong notions to drink excessively." but has no facts or studies to support his "feeling." Further he says: "However, if the drinking age was moved to 18, don't you think more children would not have to lie to their parents about where they are and what they are doing?" Adolecence who drink will still make poor choices whether their parents know or not because their judgement is impaired.

Senator Hauko has come out in support of Parag Shah, who also wants to lower the drinking age. Parag Shah owns a beer production company. He says: "I have seen to many kids drinking beer just to get drunk and not for the taste. I believe my beer will allow young adults to responsibly drink alcohal because they want to enjoy it, but not do it just to get drunk, similar to a glass of wine." I fail to see the logic of this argument, as I'm sure, the people, can too. By making the taste better, wouldn't young people have just another insentive to consume more? Also, he openly acknowledges that he has "seen to[o] many kids drinking beer just to get drunk and not for the taste." Finally, in another statement, he says "I ask all of you who support a more responsible youth to lead our country, you vote for me, Parag Shah for Senate." How can his words be taken seriously when he previously contradicted himself about the responsibility of youth in the previous example? The best way to truely support youth in this election is to allow the drinking age to be raised, thus preventing alochol-related death, developmental impedment, and alcohol-related violence around our children.

This election is not about who trusts youth more or less, it's not about trust at all. Take into consideration the recent adolecence alcohol-related deaths, including the death of the President's daughter. Please weigh the facts and vote responsibly. My oppents have provided no concrete arguments or information to support their claims other then "feelings" that, contrary to years of behavior, significantly reduce their alcohol intake, and yet one of them owns a beer company. I have a daughter, and seek to gain the Congressional seat soley to prevent the lowering of the drinking age, unlike my oppoent, who would see his profits dramatically increase. Please vote for myself, I won't let you and our children down.
Thank you,
Senator Victor Eremita

*P.S. If you're still not convinced, I encourage you to watch my campaign video:

*Campaign Poster:

Raising the Drinking Age

I had an entry on tuesday that I think this blog deleted because I can't find it anywhere. What a wonderful gift technology is!

I had announced on Tuesday my legislation to create a federal drinking age of 25. Right now, there is no federal drinking age, financial incentives by the federal government to the state governments keep state's drinking age at 21 nationally. Contrary to popular belief, few states specifically prohibit minors' consumption of alcohol in private settings (an exception includes Connecticut), and in some cases or states, alcohol permits can be purchased at a cost to the parent or legal guardian. The legislation I'm purposing will not only do away with those exceptions, while still allowing exceptions in regards to religious, medical and family exceptions, and raise the drinking age to 25. There are several reasons for this, but primarily it's to keep college kids away from alcohol. In our universities across the country, minors and those of age to consume alcohol are classmates and regularly attend the same parties and frequent the same social circles. In these situations, those over 21 purchase alcohol for who can't purchase it legally. It makes little sense to allow this failure of logical thinking to continue. If we raise the restriction age, we will seriously impede the ability of teenagers to acquire alcohol by classmates over 21. And in light of the President's recent tragedy we can all see how relevant and necessary this kind of restriction is.

My second reason for restricting young adults from access to alcohol has to do with the development of young people. A person's brain continues to develop into their early twenties. Exposure to alcohol can have profound and irreversible effects on the structure and function of the adolescent brain. Heavy drinking has been shown to affect the neuropsychological performance (“neuropsychological performance� refers to various memory skills.) of young people and may impair the growth and integrity of certain brain structures and restrict blood flow in certain brain regions and electrical brain activities, and severly impair the ablility of brain neurons to make new connections. Chemical and electrical processes are also impared. Other brain functions that alcohol consumption negatively effects are memory function, attention, visuospatial skills (which is the perception of the spatial relationships among objects within the field of vision), and executive functioning ( which is planning, abstract reasoning, and goal-directed behavior). Structures of the brain effected include the Cortex, the Corpus callosum, the Amygdala, the Hippocampus, and the Cerebellum. The Hippocampus, for example, plays an important role in learning and memory function, and adolescent drinking can lead to a decrease in volume of the Hippocampus. Furthermore, imaging studies indicate that adolecent drinkers exhibit abnormalities in some brain areas that are particularly sensitive, such as the hippocampus, and in the chemical and electrical processes that occur during brain activity.

Besides harmful neurological effects, underage drinking also has profound social and psychological effects which can have long-term effects on both physical and psychological well-being and may have long term implications. Adolescence is a period marked by the formation of identity and the establishment of more mature interpersonal and intimate relationships and a transition into adult roles. Social control lessens during this period, and people become freer to choose unconstrained behaviors and lifestyles. Constructing a stable identity can be confusing and difficult, and some teenagers use substances to relieve their identity confusion. Further, this stage of life is also marked with acquiring skills in order to function in an adult society and failure to master them can result in frustration and stress, which can lead to a variety of unhealthy behaviors, including increased alcohol use. Paradoxically, alcohol makes the successful mastery of these developmental tasks harder and may makes failures more severe and increase stress . Numerous studies have identified problems related to alcohol use, including fatal and nonfatal injuries and overdoses, academic/vocational failures, violence and other crime, unintended pregnancies, and sexually transmitted diseases. Every year approximately 2000 people under the age of 21 die in car accidents involving underage drinking. Among college students under the age of 21 alone, 50,000 experience alcohol-related date rape, and 430,000 have been asaulted by another student who has been drinking.

One of the strongest influences that lead teens to drinking at college is that many college students may drink more because of their misperceptions about the norms of drinking on their campuses. They may think campus attitudes are much more tolerant toward drinking than they are and believe other students drink much more than they actually do. By not allowing college-age people to purchase alcohol, this influence is significantly reduced and would save lives, grief and development of countless teenagers. College students should have the basic creativity to find alternative outlets for stress and for recreation that doesn't involve endangering oneself. Please vote wisely for the sake of the future of our children.

Special thanks to Dr.Kinduva B. Deale, M.D., and http://niaa.nih.gov

-Senator Victor Eremita

Justice for Senate

Justice for Senate! It would be foolish to jeopardize the future of our high school students by lowering the drinking age to 18 years of age. Not only would it bring an explosion of alcohol into our schools, but the age at which people begin to drink illegally will also drop. Many more 14-16 year old children know students who are 18 than those who are 21. The accessibility will be greatly increased, and the number of underage drunk drivers will increase. We need to protect our kids and vote NO to lowering the drink age!
Principal Justice

Running for Senate

As you all know there are elections coming up for Senator. I want to announce today that I will be running for that position. I have been a strong supporter of Senator Haukos and I agree with many of the same issues he does, especially on the drinking age. I want to teach responsibility to the youth of this country as they receive new freedoms. When kids become young adults when they turn 18 years of age, they are given many new responsibilities that will design the future of our country. Beyond drinking, they need to learn how to handle this responsiblity. I believe alcohal can be a teacher of responsibility and if kids are able to drink at 18, they will learn more responsibility at an earlier age. Along with lowering the drinking age, I plan to implement various programs to teach responsibliity with alcohal and also other freedoms that will be granted to them. I am not saying this will be an immediate change but I promise you after some time you will see dramatic improvements. I ask all of you who support a more responsible youth to lead our country, you vote for me, Parag Shah for Senate.

November 29, 2006

UN Response to Disarmament

Citizens of the world,

North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-Il recently proposed a "compromise" to the international community. It called for total disarmament of all world powers in exchange for the word of the Chairman that North Korea would also follow suit. In an attempt to re-open serious communication channels with the Democratic Republic of North Korea, I, as UN Chief Administrator, proposed the compromise to the Security Council. Needless to say, the compromise failed to reach a vote, much less any sort of serious debate.

The powers of the world wish to compromise with North Korea on different levels that do not involve total disarmament. It has been noted that such trust in a terror-ridden world can be catastrophic, and there is no international institution powerful enough to force nations to reach 100% compliance, a height unreachable without constant surveillance by certified weapons inspectors. There is also the matter of accounting for EVERY SINGLE nuclear technology on the planet. Not only is it unfeasable to numerate such a grand amount of personnel an operation, the monetary costs of such an undertaking would be astounding. The case stands for developed nations holding nuclear arms as well, where hundreds of millions of dollars were spent or are being spent to develop these technologies, a commitment no person would turn back on.

These factors, of course, mean nothing so long as the international community fails to cooperate as a whole...an event unseen after thousands of years of civilization.

UN Chief Adminstrator Siegel

Citizens: Does the U.S. Disarm?

Citizens of the United States of America,

It has been brought to our attention that a compromise has come forth between the U.S. and other nations of the world, including North Korea. As a representative of this great nation, I call upon all citizens to voice their opinion on this key decision in American history. I think that it is vital to the success and happiness of the country for the representatives that you elect into office to be presenting the opinions of their districts and states they represent. Please, use the democracy that we are so fortunate to have and speak up for your opinion so congressmen and women can work for the people. How do I know where I stand if my citizens don't know where they stand?

North Korea has agreed to disarm all of their nuclear weapons if the rest of the world community will do the same. I would like us to consider this topic very seriously. Is this the solution that we have been waiting for? Is it possible to rid the world of nuclear weapons? What would we do as a world community if these rules are broken? Or maybe is it ok for us to have a limited number of these weapons to control terrorism and war. Perhaps nuclear weapons only provoke war? Would you feel safe if the United States had no nuclear weapons to protect itself?

Citizens, please let your congressmen know what America wants.
I trust Americans will make the best decision.

Senator Austin


Wednesday November 29, 2006

A local Wayzata, Minnesota man was involved in a multiple death drunk driving incident. Mario Brenner (uncle of Kayla Brenner), age 63, a Driver's Education Instructor at Wayzata High School, is being charged with killing three adolescent boys. Brenner, who was driving home from the Red Rooster Lounge and Restaraunt, entered the neighborhood driving his 1986 Hoda Prelude. According to the police Brenner said that he did not see the kids playing in the street until right before he hit them. The boys were 8, 9, and 11 years old.

When word got out to the hospital, a unit was sent out to the site of the accident. The young boys were rushed to the emergency room. Unfortunately the were dead upon arrival. As a result of the accident, Brenner's blood alcohol level was tested. The results were a B.A.C. level of 1.56, almost twice the amount of the legal limit.

An interview was held with an EMT on site. She stated, "This event is one that will definitely have a major impact not only the young boys' families, but the neighborhood as a whole. Their loss is a great one, and it is sad that it was a result of a drunk driver.....People always believe that it is the young and naive underage drinkers that cause all of these accidents, but out of all of the accidents that I have seen throughout my time as an EMT, most of the time it is the older, mature adults that are behind the wheel....My heart goes out to the families."

Statistics to Remember:

According to DrunkDrivingStatistics.com;
-Of the 8,256 alcohol related traffic deaths recorded in 2004, 91% of the deaths were a result of drunk drivers ages 21+.
-68% of the 91% were in between the ages of 45-65.

Give Young American Adults the Rights They Deserve

To the People:
Ladies and Gentlemen of our great and sovreign nation. Our nation is at a turning point. Our young men and women are at a disadvantage to the rest of the American public. We as a society have decided that it is ok for them to decide whether or not they want to go to war on their own. They DO NOT need parental consent to make this decision. We allow our young men and women to gamble, decide whether or not to stay in school, decide where to go to college. We also allow these adults to take part in the most sacred American right, voting. These mature young adults make a vast majority of these decisions on their own with out their parents. As can be seen by the strength of our nations youth, they are, in the vast majority, making the correct decisions. If these young adults can handle all of these rights and priviledges in a responsible manner, who are we to say that they cannot decide on alcohol as well. Give our young adults the rights and priviledges that all other adults in our great nation have- the ability to decide whether or not to consume alcohol. After all, they could make the decision to not help fight for this country's freedom.
-Senator Dain A. Haukos

New Senator To be Elected this Friday!

There still remains one senate seat open on the Hill. Elections for the third senator (in the drinking age debate) will take place Friday morning. Local citizens and officials will vote for their chosen voice. This election will be very important for it will influence the upcoming vote on lowering the drinking age -- also to take place this coming Friday morn.

The candidates include:

High School Principal Justice
The Parent Brenner
Concerned parent Jessica
The Health Professional
Lindsey the College Student
Sgt. Thatcher
Mike Vicante
Journalist Jack the Ranger from the Global Press

Senators Haukos and Emeratis await with curiosity to see who their community will elect.

Olivia Borges-Nunez
Keeping the masses informed is my MO

November 28, 2006

China on the Block


China has made the decesion to back the UN in its efforts to form blockades. But it also wants to make clear that it is only in favor of these circumstances if the innocent people of North Korea are still kept in good help. It can't be held accountable for starving innocent people. Though it does applaud this peaceful means of action by the UN and the United States.

US Ambassador Bell (China)

A Letter From the Editor

An Editorial from Editor-in-Chief Jack Ragner

An Open Letter to Sen. Haukos,

In two letters sent to The Global Press headquarters, you have reaffirmed your support of the "Increased Alcohol Rights for Americans Act." While the letters gave minimal explanation on your position other then that the Act will increase sales of Alcohol which can be taxed and controlled through taxation. The question that these letters raise is who will buy more alcohol other then teenagers? In reality, no one will increase consumption except teenagers. If teen binge drinking is a national problem, and the Act will increase alcohol consumption which will logically only be picked up by teenagers, then how will this Act help Americans? Isn't it simply going remove the stigma attached to irresponsible teen drinking? This stigma is the last defense against all of our children going out to drink themselves to death. We already are going to have future problems with Social Security and Medicare, how will killing the newest source of tax revenue and the only people paying Social Security help our nation? It seems that this new bill seems short sighted, and ignorant.

While we're on the topic of ignorance, your ignorance of today's media is astonishing. It seems to me that anyone seeking to retain office would memorize at least a few key members of today's media. While I have great respect for The Global Press's founder and his son who succeeded him, I am not a member of the Saratom family. At the end of the letters that I have sent you, I signed my name. And even as you substituted my name for our great founder, you didn't even have the courtesy to spell his name right. As the protégé of Mr. Saratom's son, it offends me greatly to see my mentors name misspelled not once, but twice. It seems wise to me that a senator such as yourself review both your history, and the names of current media personnel.

These letters raise an important question, one that no citizen should have to ask about a senator while s/he is in office. Your advocacy of the deaths of our nations future business persons, soldiers, leaders, doctors, scientists, and other important citizens, and inability to remember simple history nor the name of today's editor-in-chief of a paper read by more then 750 million people worldwide worries me greatly. So greatly in fact, that I must ask the questions on the mind of the nation. Do you really know what's best for the nation? Do you really represent your constituents? If you truly do represent your constituents' wishes then God help us all.

The Global Press
Editor-in-Chief Jack Ragner

The views expressed on this page are solely the views of their owner, and do not necessarily represent those of The Global Press.

A Compromise

The Democratic Republic of North Korea has decided to present to the UN a compromise that all member nations will be unable to turn down.

We will abandon our quest for a nuclear program under the conditions that all members in the United Nations, and even those outside of it (with pressure from members), completely disarm and dismantle all atomic armament, including ceasing production of all nuclear arms. The ultimate goal: removal of all atomic arms from the planet by 2015.

The United Nations must create an organization with the sole purpose of maintaning this international state. This organization will have members from all participating nations, and must requre the full compliance of the international intelligence community.

I should hope the United States and her influence will be the first to endorse this program and lead the way to a New World Order.

Kim Jong-Il

Do we really have to go to war?

I don't know what is being said at the negotiating table. Hopefully it is looking positive and moving away from war. I have a question though about what could happen. Is there anyway that we could monitor North Korea and their nuclear ability through China, South Korea and spies? After North Korea blew up their first bomb the French were able to fly over the area and test the radiation levels. Could we, with Kim Jong-Il agreement of course, test radiation and consider war if they start using the energy for things other then energy? One of the harder ways to avoid war is to get rid of the leader. The country is so deep in poverty that I think the only way we are going to get Kim Jong-Il out is through the people and their decisions and one way to do that is to allow them to continue to have energy.

November 27, 2006

Mike Vacanti killed my sister

In regards to the current debate over the drinking age argument, I just want to let everyone know that my sister Krista (while pregnant with her second child) was killed by an underage student named Mike Vancanti. He is also known as a "Superstar" at his high school and has the reputation for hosting parties to minors. Within 2 seconds, a loved one or relative may end up dead due to the number of underage drivers who don't realize the dangers of drinking and driving. Although Mike walked away from the crash with only a fractured femur, he inturn was very hurt by all the pain and suffering endured by our family. My sister left a husband and little 2 year old boy. It is still hard to accept the fact that my sister was healthy, young and full of life until one night someone else jeopardized her life. Why does alcohol have to play a role in high school functions? Why can't students have fun being sober?
READ THIS: Alcohol is the No. 1 drug of choice among the nation’s youth and kills more teens than all other illicit drugs combined. More than one third of all traffic deaths among 15-20 year olds involve alcohol.

November 26, 2006

To: Kim Jong-Il

The United States of America, the UN, and other supporting countries have no desire to begin any kind of action against North Korea using force. However, you have not complied with any of the efforts that we have tried to resolve the issue using strictly diplomacy. Therefore, the blockade as been put into place. In the future it is absolutely critical that you comply with the UN and supporting countries before the issue escalates and military force is needed. I don't see how a military conflict with many nations of the world will help you become a world power. Isn't that your ultimate goal? How will North Korea with a struggling economy and limited resources be able to support this conflict if you don't comply ???

Senator Austin

UN Response to the Plea of North Korea

The Democratic Republic of North Korea has outwardly challenged the methods of the United Nations and its members. Chairman Il is well aware of the opportunities for peace and alliance that he so fully passed over. By isolating itself from the rest of the international community in this manner, North Korea is thus positioned against the whole of the globe. The threat lies in the unwillingness to communicate and negotiate. This is ill for a nation in a situation such as that of North Korea.

Mr. Il, economic blockades are not meant to please you. They are meant to force a nation into, at the very least, opening a workable channel of communications with surrounding powers, which you have presently done so promptly.

UN Chief Administrator Siegel

November 25, 2006

North Korea's Reaction

This message is for all UN delegates, and, more importantly, the United States of America.

It has been made all to clear to the Democratic Republic of North Korea by the UN backed blockade of our ports, the polarizing of surrounding nations support by the United States and their economic blackmail, and the downright silly stance taken by US represenative Austin that we have been left no choice but to defend the very lives of our citizens by whatever means neccessary.

Let this statement be made clear to all the world, I repeat, all the world: The Democratic Republic of North Korea WILL NOT take any offensive measures to remove the downright uncivilized and irresponsible blockade on our ports. We WILL NOT take the measures neccessary to remove the blockade that is starving our children and needlessly destroying our economy. We WILL NOT act on any so immaturely stated "uncivilized hostility" that the US Secretary of State seems certain is built up within our small country. We have no wish for conflict of any kind. However, it is certain that not only the United States, but China and Russia all wish to partake in the imperialistic merry-go-round; why else would they station hundreds of thousands of troops on our borders?

I repeat, to Secretary of State Dille, Senator Austin, and Administrator Siegel: The Democratic Republic of North Korea does not wish to partake in any offensive maneuvers. If you answer any question of mine, answer this one:

Where are your threats grounded? Where?

If they are in your silly nuclear arms "threat", why haven't you invaded, disarmed and abandoned Pakistan, who is fueling the insurgency in Afghanistan. Or China, who refuses to make so called "reform"? Why does Russia, who quietly released to the world that they are "pretty sure" they have "all" their nuclear arms trusted with such power?

When did Korea ever threaten the United States with nuclear arms or otherwise? When did we plan to invade the United States Senator Austin? When did we look to increase the size of our country by military means anytime in the last half century Mr. Dille?

Yet whose battleships and aircraft carriers are sitting not but miles off our shores?

To the American people I have but one plea: Realize what situation your leaders have put you in. Your military is already stretched too thin in Iraq, even though the bulk of your entire might is there, over 250,000 troops. Ever since President Clinton gutted the CIA, you have been unable to safely assert the size or combat effectiveness of other nation-state's military. You are on the very eve of an absolute and catistrophic mistake, for even with Russian and NATO armies added to the puny 35,000 man American force occupying the DMZ, you do not come within sight of 1/4 the size of our military force.

Finally, to the President of the United States:

You have lost all faith in a diplomatic solution to the "situation" that you have so delicately constructed as a means to further the American Empire. We will await your offer to remove the blockade and allow us to carry ourselves as a proper nation.

We WILL NOT carry our any offesive maneuvers in the meantime. Rest assured this will not stay the case if the United States and its partner in crime, the UN, do not remove the blockade and put affiliated military forces on stand down. The clock is ticking.

Kim Jong-Il

November 23, 2006

UN Response to US Blockade

The United Nations would like to induce its support of the recent decisions of the United States State Department to put forth economic sanctions, especially the physical blockade of the majority of North Korean ports, as a step in the correct direction in the de-nuclearization process. These actions have garnered support from most, if not all, of the UN member nations and can depend on further support in a variety of forms in the coming weeks.

Press Release

On behalf of the United States President, it will be my duty to explain the summation of conclusions the White House Staff has come to terms on regarding the North Korean Crisis. Since North Korea has fallen silent on the United States' demands concerning the blunt indefinite ceasefire declaration as well as the immediate approval of American trade agreements, and to protect national security on this matter, the Department of Defense and Pentagon have decided that a full blockade will be placed on the entirety of the North Korean border with the exception to the Northwestern border adjacent to China. This land/naval blockade will restrict the movement of ALL goods, imports and exports to shut down the nations economy as it comes to a decision on whether it wants to proceed with war or peace; yes, it is that simple of a decision. The Russian Federation has agreed to fully militarily aid the United States in this blockade as it blockades the border adjacent to its own nation on the Northeastern corner. The information the Russian Government disclosed with their public is stating that over 150 000 troops are at the ready as well as 8 000 fully functional tanks. The South Korean military will also aid the US in the blockade by blockading the Southern border and their troops will be accompanied by 30 000 American Armed Forces including Army and Marine Reconnaisance. The British military has agreed to back the US militarily in terms of ground support and armory and is in the process of transporting 15 000 troops of their own armed forces. We are calling out the Chinese government for military support in this situation, hoping, of course, that this blockade yields a diplomatic result but in case it does not the world will be ready for North Korea's potential uncivilized hostility. This action is entirely defensive and the North Korean lands will not be breached unless a first strike is implemented by the North Korean military. More information will be disclosed later this week.

United States Secretary of State Mark Dille

November 21, 2006

Jessica, a parent

After hearing about the death of the president’s daughter, I could never imagine losing my own daughter. My daughter is a freshman at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. When she was a junior in High school, her and her friends got minor consumption tickets at a Prom after party. The reason they were caught by cops was from a group of kids streaking down the street. When the cops entered, there were several kids passed out everywhere, kids puking in the toilet, tub, and any available sink. I strongly believe that high school students, even if they are 18. The drinking age should not be lowered to 18; there are too many irresponsible teenagers out there who can't handle drinking at such a young age.

November 20, 2006

Will North Korea be Another Iraq?

Letter to the Editor of The New York Times

Dear Fellow Americans,
As a citizen whose taxes are, unwillingly being used to support a department of defense that plans a possible military invasion in North Korea, I feel it necessary to deplore the current administration's actions. Although all those talking heads up in Washington tout a policy of diplomacy, it is clear that "protecting out own interests" is the guiding policy

Exactly who do we think we are to attack a country that has nuclear weapons when we ourselves have nuclear weapons positioned and ready to fire on a variety of nations. Kin Jon ll, in his recent message to the public, was accurate to describe the US as an oppressive force wanting to colonize the world. How can Il even attempt "diplomatic procedures" when he is not given any options to choose from; His only option is to stop making nuclear weapons.

Call me a zealot, if you will. Perhaps I am misinformed on the issue. If so, where is the news/media coverage that is out there to tell me otherwise? Where are the "scholars" and "experts" with their finely polished analysis of the situation?

In the mean time, I urge my fellow American to examine the wider impact of a military invasion in North Korea.(view photo montage linked below). Look beyond the face of Kim Jon Il, who is presented as the prime "evil doer" to see the faces of North Korea's children, who start out life as innocent souls wanting only a future of opportunity, not one of destitution and poverty, like the children in Iraq now have.

Do we really want to breed another generation of terrorists?

Your fellow citizen,
Luis Wyn Hassim

The faces of our Enemy?:

A Country in "MOurning" or "campaigning"?

Editorial Page-- St. Paul Pioneer Press

As the country works to find calm after the death of the president's daughter, Laura Starner, others are busy at work. I speak more specifically of certain individuals in congress who are tickled pink by this tragic opportunity to forward their stance on the upcoming alocohol bill. While Senator Emeratis and Senator Haukos have been tight-lipped in keeping their comments limited to condolences for the president's family, other's such as Senator Rothgard have pushed the envelope too far.

This campaigning buzz is in part due to the recent announcement of Senator Laurence VonGratskin's (R-MN) retirement. With a new seat open in the Senate, the delicate balance of those FOR and AGAINST the upcoming alcohol bill will be disrupted. Both sides of the issue wait with bated breath to see who Gov. Pawlenty choses to fill VonGratskin's seat. Pawlenty states that he wants to chose "a voice of the people" not a "polished politician."

The nation waits to see who will offer him or herself as a candidate. Will it be The Parent, who tirelessly works with community leaders to forward her stance on the alcohol issue? Or will it be Shah, CEO of Beer'A'Licious? Or perhaps Sgt. Thatcher, another well respected individual in the community? We'll have to see?

November 19, 2006

Senator VonGratskin Retires

Minneapolis, MN-11:30AM
By Richard Stone

Late Sunday morning Senator Laurence VonGratskin (R-MN) announced among family and friends that he will retire from the Senate Monday morning. Citing difficulties in his fight with Coronary Artery Disease, Sen. VonGratskin announced that he wished to spend the rest of his final days with his wife, children, and grandchildren.

Minnesotan Governor Tim Pawlenty (R-MN) will have two weeks, starting Monday, to fill Sen. VonGratskin's seat. After the death of President Starner's daughter, Laura, the Increased Alcohol Rights for Americans Act has exploded into the nation spotlight. Bitterly dividing the Senate, Capital Hill Analysts say that the bill may very well pass or fail by one vote. With the bill up for debate Tuesday and a final vote coming sometime next week, whoever fills Sen. VonGratskin's seat may decide the bill's outcome.

The Governor’s office stated that it will begin the search process to fill Sen. VonGratskin's seat Monday, and may have a list ready by the end of the week. The list is expected to include the names of several prominent Minnesotans, and the Governor has decided to extend the search to ordinary citizens.

The Global Press
Editor-in-Chief Jack Ragner
"Fair Coverage of an Unfair World"

November 16, 2006

UN Thoughts on North Korea, Part II

As the Chief Administrator of the United Nations, I sincerely urge the diplomatic community to consider the implications regarding North Korea's actions, or lack thereof, of the past few days. By situating itself into a willing absence from negotiations, the country has begrudged itself within the international sphere, and isolated itself from those willing to work in a beneficial direction.

Kim Jong Il cites an unjust past for sure reasoning to continue into the field of nuclear technology, but I ask now, what does the world owe you? It has been five decades since foreign military forces last set foot on North Korean soil, a North Korea guided into Communism by its own doings as well as Chinese influence and aid. It is true that the Cold War era thrust most of the Western world away, however once the era ceded, the West offered only help toward North Korea's fledgling economy, only ending after Kim Jong Il quit answering his diplomatic phone and constructed a line of his own.

What is your reasoning? Where is the threat, Kim?

Your friend,

UN Chief Administrator Siegel

UN Thoughts on North Korea, Part I

To the international community,

It is with great pleasure that I examine the events taken place regarding nuclear proliferation, chiefly the goings on within North Korea. The recent stances taken by nations willing to take the lead show true progress for a peaceful ending. The words of American President Bush and his strong views on the U.S.'s role in the process truly strengthen the united effort. I urge the members of the UN to follow the U.S. as it strides to find ways of stopping what may become a menacing North Korean peninsula.

The same can be said of the Japanese economic pressures. It is a good direction to head for, as Kim Jong Il becomes less and less willing to negotiate.

To Members of US Congress


Today, I call upon us members of the US Congress to pass a resolution to take action against North Korea. Kim Jong-Il has clearly told us what he wants and is intending to do with nuclear weapons.

In his speech to "the weak Americans," he told us North Korea will "stand up to this great oppressor." [the US] Then, he continues, "The people of North Korea will stand up to the tyranny and imperialistic ambition of the United States with not only nuclear arms at the ready, but over 1.2 million fighting troops

As a representative of the United States government, I feel that we must take action immediately. First, we need to work with the UN and other countries to resolve this threat as quickly as possible. It is important that we do not jump into this issue too soon and use unnecessary force. However, we need to be firm and clear about what is expected of North Korea and what the results will be if our diplomatic efforts are not met.

I call upon you other US representatives to work with me to use the power we have as elected representatives. It is our duty to protect the American people.

Senator Austin

Motivation behind Kim Jong Il

When North Korea blew up the nuclear bomb the world was horrified and very upset with North Korea. But Kim Jong Il had to know that the world would respond negatively, so what was his motivation? I think that he is unable to fix his country by himself and is trying to get other contries to help him bring his to it's feet again. I think he is using the bomb as leverage to get what he needs to help his country which isn't good becasue he can continue to use this bomb to get what he needs and manipulate other powers. This could just be a far-fetched theory though.

Senators Use Death of President's Daughter to Further Political Stances

Washington D.C.-8:54PM
By Terri O'Connell, D.C. Correspondent

After a day that included both the death of President Starner's daughter, and the movement of the "Increased Alcohol Rights for Americas Act" from committee to a spot on the calendar, Senator Rothgard (D-IL) made the following announcement.

"My heart goes out to President Samuel Starner, and his family. I would like to make a statement about my bill in the Senate. While this incident is horribly tragic, I'm afraid that there will be an irrational backlash against the progress we've made to guarantee the same rights to everyone of the age of majority. This, however, might have been prevented by working to curb the notion that binge drinking is required of today's youth. Hopefully the pending legislation will fulfill this goal; and though nothing will bring this great woman back, hopefully future tragedies can be prevented. I ask for calm from American people as the nation grieves. Thank you."

This statement followed by a statement by senator Roger Glasman (R-AZ). The most outspoken critic of Sen. Rothgard's proposed "Increased Alcohol Rights for Americas Act" that may see a vote within the month.

"My prayers are with the President and his family. This tragedy speaks to the very core of the problem. It’s a simple fact that these young people make worse choices about consuming alcohol then older member's of society. I hope that this tragedy wakes the nation and opens the people's eyes so that we can see that those under 21 are still too young to make good decisions about the use of alcohol."

As the legislation progresses through the Senate, and has already passed the House, the nation waits for the up coming Senate vote on the measure. Though the President gave his support to the bill as recently as yesterday morning, the White House has refused to issue a statement yet as to whether or not he will continue to do so. While little is clear tonight, one question is quickly being answered inside the Beltway: Is anything sacred anymore?

The Global Press
Editor-in-Chief Jack Ragner
"Fair Coverage of an Unfair World"

To U.S. representatives

As we grow increasingly intimate with each other's concerns over North Korea, we should still try to remain peaceful with North Korea. With our ban of imports from North Korea and yours as well, we are stepping into dangerous ground that could result in war. We support harsher punishment toward North Korea, yet we are scared of what possible consequences might arise out of such behavior. While we both want the disarmament of North Korea, we cannot be entirely hipocritical about such claims. Nuclear weapons should not be a pillar of national security such as the United States or North Korea, and should be more vocal in insisting on the inhumanity and immorality of nuclear weapons, and their common threat to all human beings. Do you think disarmament is the best course of action?

The Weak Americans

At its peak in 1966, the United States controlled over 32,193 nuclear warheads. Today, it has over 5,700 active warheads. The weapons Bush possess have a range of over 13,000 km; easily capable of reaching our sacred homeland. How many of these are aimed at us Mr. Secretary? Do any of the American Representatives know how many submarines are hiding in the Sea of Japan, waiting to strike at a moments notice? Do your American citizens know of the daily firefights along the so elequently labeled "DMZ"? Are they aware of the raiding parties South Korean rebels take across the border with aims to tap phone lines and gather intelligence for a possible invasion?

Does Canada or Mexico perform raiding operations into Washington Mr. Secretary?

Do the American People know how many times their leaders have detonated nuclear arms? 1,054 times the Americans have flexed their muscles. 1,054 times the Americans have let the world know that they are the sole power on this earth.

I say no more.

It will be the very goal if not divine mission for our great nation, The Democratic Republic of North Korea, to possess nuclear arms to stand up to this great oppressor. The people of North Korea will stand up to the tyranny and imperialistic ambition of the United States with not only nuclear arms at the ready, but over 1.2 million fighting troops--a number that any American military official will confirm is much larger than any two nation's military might combined.

Rest assured that we have no intentions of provoking any armed conflict, but will, without any hesitation to speak of, lash out at those who threaten our homeland and sacred way of life. With the Americans making an example of Iraq twice, it is our duty to keep this western "Axis of Evil" in check.

Kim Jong-Il

Hot of the Wire-President's Daughter Killed by Drunk Driver

Washington D.C-4:52PM
By Terri O’Connell, D.C. Correspondent

While being escorted to the White House, Laura Starner's car was struck in the side by another vehicle after the driver had run a red light. Laura was rushed to Georgetown University Hospital where she was pronounced Dead on Arrival. The driver of the other vehicle suffered only a broken leg. The driver has been identified as 18 year-old John Tallow. Tallow's blood alcohol level registered at .12, well above the legal limits for those 21 and older. The White House released a statement saying, "Everyone on staff here grieves with president Starner tonight. The President, his wife Jennifer, and his son Jake will be all of our prayers."

This will undoubtedly impact the Senate measure to allow 18 year olds to legally drink, and it is unknown whether or not the president will continue his support for the bill in the coming weeks. Committee members have already approved the bill for debate on the Senate, after the measure passed the House early last month.

The Global Press
Editor-in-Chief Jack Ragner
"Fair Coverage of an Unfair World"

November 15, 2006

Response to UN Human Rights Resolution

Hello all,

I would like to this opportunity to respond to remark made by Kim Chang-guk in response to the UN human rights resolution from 2005.

Kim stated that "the EU and the US are abusing human rights issues for their political purpose. North Korea disapproves [of] this resolution, as it is an indication of the fact that the EU joined forces with the US in its policy to pressure North Korea, aimed at pursuing interference in internal affairs and regime change" shortly before casting his vote.

The EU is dismayed that North Korea has come to the conclusion that the EU and the UN are only using using this resolution for political reasons and not the good of the people. The strong protest in response to the resolution has pushed many humanitarian aid organizations out of North Korea, which is cutting off the supply of food that the EU was providing for many people in the North. This action will greatly effect the well being of North Korea. Since there is a food shortage and a lack of funding, sustaining a healthy society will be close to impossible. The biggest worry that the EU has is that within this regime many innocent people will die while we stand by and watch, wanting to help, but unable to help. I know that the United States understands the importance of this resolution and the United Nations knows the importance of change. I hope all that read this memo, mainly the UN and the US will support me in saying that this resolution is for the greater good of North Korea. If you would like to learn more about the response to this resolution you may follow this link to a newspaper clip from Korea: http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Korea/GK23Dg02.html

Thank you,

Diane Galatowitsch, The European Chief Administrator

Pubecent children Drinking? oh Ghastly!

My dear, sweet, fellow Americans,
This is Senator Eremita, and I'm reaching out to you, you beautiful American people, to understand your views on the issues that matter to you most. As I settle behind my new desk with the former incumbent's name on it (soon to be removed), I found myself wanting to know you better, know the issues you care about. And screw North Korea, Iraq, psh, I'm after the meat of the issues you really care about - namely lowering the drinking age! Now I usher you close to me in my 14' biceped arms so I may heed your call. What are your opinions and most importantly, why? I have a bill on this very issue I'm cooking up, but it needs the seasoning of your collective voices.

November 14, 2006

POSTING TIP--Please Read!!

In order to keep the mass postings more organized, I was thinking that it would be better to post memos to each other as "comments" to each persons individual bio (which are all listed under "the players"). This way, each time you log on to the blog, you can go straight to your bio to see if anyone has posted a new comment. Then when responding to those memos, post the responses under their individual bio. This way our bios can serve somewhat as email accounts and provide more "privacy" to memos that may be considered somewhat confidential.

For example:
As a journalist Olivia writing a memo to Senator Haukos, I would post my memo as a comment to his bio. Then when he responds to my memo, he'd post it as a comment to my bio.

However, feel free to post strategic entries to the blog as a whole, especially if you are a media role.

Let's try this out. Thanks again for your patience as we learn to work this out together.

November 13, 2006

The Health Professional

Hello, my name is Kinduva B. Deale, M.D., and i am a retired physician of Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. I did my undergraduate studies at NYU and moved on to get my M.D. at John Hopkins University School of Medicine, and i specialized in neuro-development. As I am retired, I have now moved on to teaching, and am a professor of neurosciences at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. I believe that the legal drinking age should not be lowered to eighteen. I believe this, because it is clinically proven to be bad for one's health. Not only can heavy drinking lead to cirrhosis of the liver, but drinking at a young age can inhibit brain development. To lower the drinking age in the United States to eighteen would only cause greater decline of the nation's health.

TO: Press Conference regarding Non-Proliferation and Respective Domestic Policy

To respond to Olivia Borges-Nunez's (FOX News) questions on our individual stance regarding the topic of invading North Korea and whether their actions should be viewed as hostile, and whether or not a preemptive first strike is necessary.

To begin, the United State’s current foci are on prevention measures, not search and seizure campaigns. It is no question, after scientific studies, that North Korea does in fact possess atomic weaponry, and the ability to create atomic weaponry, which also gives them the potential to derive engineering means to produce other weapons of mass destruction; an example being biological and chemical based transcontinental ballistic missiles (currently the most dangerous offensive armaments created). Albeit this is a very serious issue, the United States will remain these foci against nations who are just being introduced to this nuclear age so non-proliferation can be further endorsed and enforced. Stopping North Korea will be relatively irrelevant to the campaign to rid the world of nuclear munitions possessing enemies therefore that should not be the basis of invasion.

Rest assured, the following idea is defended by the President of the United States of America that no offensive action will be taken whatsoever against North Korea until it is determined that their possession of nuclear weaponry is intended primarily for offensive purposes and that other agreeably hostile actions have taken place. After a potential series of unfortunate events respective to these take place, we hope the UN Security Council and the UN International Atomic Energy Agency will agree to inspect the North Korean lands for nuclear weaponry, and nuclear materials capable of being implemented into weaponry, and will dispose of them in an appropriate manner. If the disposal is a success, no force will need to be taken, but if North Korea forbids the UN Security Council from infringing on their energy-related or munitions-related affairs, possible force may be necessary to properly disarm them.

As much information as can be released United States Government Intelligence Agencies not limited to the CIA, NSA, and NRO as well as Marine Reconnaissance are using the best technological defensive measures in the world to monitor any and all North Korean military movement and possible arming of any weapons in their arsenal.

With the possible threat of attack and hostile action being taken from North Korea, it is now placed in front of us what needs to be done to defend the United States against possible attack. After careful deliberation, it has been decided to, once again, increase the failsafe distance from the United States East and West Coasts thus further rendering most conventional attack obsolete and wasteful. It is also being deliberated increasing the funding of the Star Wars program; a program designed to place forth an airborne early warning ground environment interface segment, which is what the United States Navy currently uses as its primary defense system, and implement that technology into satellites that can orbit Earth and can use intense light to dismantle offensive weaponry not limited to incoming high-velocity unknown munitions, rail munitions, or ballistic missiles.

These topics, and many more, will be covered in more detail over later dates over the next few weeks, and any questions and concerns will also be duly dealt within an appropriate timeframe.

To my Constituents

Hello everyone, I am writing this due to a recent memo posted by our friendly media constituent Olivia Borges-Nunez. Her story about the party held by the veterans from Iraq was interesting to me. From my standpoint as a civilian such as yourselves, does this seem right to you. Our young men and women are found mature enough to vote for our nations leaders at the age of 18. Our young men and women are mature enough to decide to join the armed forces and possibly die for our country. So, this being said, aren't our young men and women mature enough to decide if they would like to consume alcohol or not? I personally believe that most young men and women do have the maturity level to handle alcohol, at least I am pretty sure that I could have during my undergrad days at the University of Minnesota. Never-the-less, being your elected official, I am here to portray what you want. I will be looking forward to your responses on the issue. Keep the faith, and keep in touch.


China would like to inform you of their upcoming intentions at the Asian-Pacific Summit. As you known the absence of your presence will do little to stop talks of the North Korean nuclear situation. They remind you that China is for a peaceful resolution and a non nuclear North Korea. However, It is to remain clear that they will do little to jeopardize the trade agreements and over all good relations with North Korea. They push for peace, and continued positive relations with both countries.

Ambassasdor Bell

November 12, 2006

TO: Ambassador BELL and HANZO, Administrators GALATOWISTCH and SIEGEL, Secretary of State DILLE and KIM JONG-IL

Dear Esteemed Leaders or corresponding Press Secretaries ( which is perhaps more likely)

I'm writng a story for FOX NEWS about the upcoming conference on East Asia, hosted by the UN. I've heard that the main focus of discussion will be Nuclear Proliferation in North Korea and was wondering how the individulal you represent views this issue. There is some talk that this conference is a farce considering that the senate vote on US engagement with North Korea is to follow the week after the conference. Or is this perhaps a last minute attempt for the UN to save face as a global institution? Any information you have on these concerns will be greatly appreciated,as we are a media service committed to delivering only fair and balanced news.

Yours Truly,
Olivia Borges-Nunez
FOX News -- "The No Spin Zone, Where we take the 'p' out of 'spin'"



Next week will mark the first time in 50 years that more than 25 world leaders will be present at UN headquarters to discuss the opportunities for advancement in East Asia. Among those in attendance include, Chinese Ambassador Bell, Japenese Ambassador Hanzon, EU Administrator Galatowitsch, UN Administrator Siegel, Secretary of State Dille, and believe it or not, Kim Jon-Il himself. What exactly these individuals plan to discuss is still unknown, however the presence of Jon-Il suggests nuclear negotiations. Then again, souces say that Secretary of State Dille, who takes after his uncle former Secretary of State Donald Rumsfield, is not one known for negotiation. Let's hope these individuals use their time wisely, as the senate is soon to vote on how the US will engage with North Korea.

Stay tuned for more details...


Hello Ms. Donahue.
Your sister, who was my old undergrad roomate, tells me that you are part of a top secret think tank in Washington D.C. Without revealing your think tank affiliation, I was wondering if you might be able to give me the scoop on what is going on with all this talk about a conference on East Asia being hosted by the UN. This topic, though hot on the hill, is quite hush hush when it comes to filling in the press. All I know is that there will be big names in attendance, including Kim Jong-Il himself.

What do you think about all this conference buzz, or do you think it's just hype to distract from all the nuclear testing Jong-Il has been doing?

I'm planning to write a short piece for the Post, so any info you have would be great.

Thanks again for your time,
Olivia Borges-Nunez


Hello Mike Vicante.
A friend of yours told me that you recently had a part for friends of yours that just returned from serving in Iraq and that the party was busted and all, including those who served in Iraq, were given minors. This story fascinates me considering the upcoming vote in the senate to possibly lower the drinking age to 18, or perhaps even raise it to 25.

I was hoping that you might be able to answer a few questions for me about your experience. I'm a writer at the University of Minnesota Daily, a student-run newspaper, and we are doing a story on the upcoming senate vote. How do you feel about this issue? How would you say that your friends feel about this issue? Are any of your friends interested in enlisting in the milllitary? What are you and your peers planning to do about this, if anything?

I'm very interested in your story and would appreciate any feedback you have on this issue.
I look forward to hearing more about your story,
Olivia Borges-Nunez


Hello Sergeant Vicante.
Congratulations on your recent nomination for City Sheriff. It is an honorable position and I wish you the best in the upcoming election. But on a more somber note, I have just recently heard from one of your family friend's that you lost a close friend to an alcohol related accident. I am sorry to hear about your loss. It seems that you have turned this negative experience into one of positive outcomes with your involvement in AWKE. As a journalist who is committed to reporting the "stories untold" I was compelled by your experience and wanted to find out more in order to inform citizens of the hard work you are doing.

I'm sure that you've heard that the senate will soon be voting on whether to lower the drinking age to 18, keep it at 21, or possible even raise it to 25. I am curious how you, Sergeant of Police (possible the next Sheriff), feel about this possible change? Also, I was wondering how your organization AWKE would view this change? Would your organization support underage drinking permits for those serving in the military?

Any information you might provide will help me to keep our citizens informed about this very important issue.
Olivia Borges-Nunez.
Journalist for the University of Minnesota Daily

November 10, 2006

Principal Justice

Hello, I am Principal Justice from Walla Walla Washington. I grew up in the Netherlandswhere I attended the University of Amsterdam. I recieved my PhD in education when I was 23 and then moved to the United States. I am the Principal of Walla Walla High School, and have held this position for the last 23 years. I am typically a very humble person, but the records will prove I am the greatest principal of all time. Since my first year as principal here I have been given the honor of the nations top principal every year. I am fair yet tough. To me, there are no gray areas. One is either right or wrong. I strongly believe alcohol should be kept out of the high school scene. Making an amendment to the constitution to change the drinking age to 18 would be a horrible mistake.

Lindsay the college student

Hey everyone! My name is Lindsay and I'm a freshman at the U of MN in Twin Cities. I'm from Fond du Lac, WI, which is about 5 hours away, and have a younger brother who's a junior in high school. Fond du Lac is a small city of about 38,000 so coming to the U, I was very excited to party and meet new people. I've drank a few times in high school but never got so wasted I couldn't remember anything afterwards. My friends and I are very responsible and therefore believe that the drinking age should be lowered to 18. If young adults our age in Europe can drink when they're 18, we should be able to as well. Not everyone is irresponsible when they drink.

Texas Senator Austin

Howdy! I am Jim Austin, your trusted senator from Texas. Most of you know me as the guy who always wears the cowboy hat, even during the Senate meetings. I am from San Jacinto, Texas, which as y'all know is where Texas gained it's independence from Mexico. I attended the community college there (San Jacinto Community College for Immigrants) where I double majored in political science and English as a second language. No, I didn't attend Harvard or any of your fancy schools, but I have made up for it with all of my experience. After college, I decided to run for office and my campaign was very successful. (Probably because of my hat) This is my fourth term in the Senate now and I am a strong leader for the Republican Party in Texas. I consider myself only a moderate conservative, but I know what I believe in and don't go back and forth on an issue. I voted for Iraq, but now see that something must be done to change that situation. On North Korea, we must take careful steps so nothing like this happens again. We also must take action now in some form because it would be an even bigger problem if North Korea possesses nuclear weapons. I will work with you on this sensitive issue and most importantly, listen to the voice of the people and represent them well.

Senator Toki Wartooth of Alaska

Hello, my name is Toki Wartooth and I am a senator from the great state of Alaska. I was born in Barrow, Alaska to my mother Anja and my father Aslaug. I attended the Lillehammer University College in Lillehammer, Norway where I received my bachelors degree in physics. I then received my masters degree in physics at Stockholm University in Stockholm, Sweden. I then completed my academic career in Lillehammer where I earned a Ph.D. in theoretical physics, writing my dissertation on M theory.

I moved back to my home state of Alaska in 1988. I posted up in Anchorage and began teaching at the University of Alaska in 1989. After a few major years of putting in some serious work I began becoming interested in politics around 1997. When a senatorial seat became open in 2000 I decided to run with no party affiliation, but i did receive major support from Boogie Down Productions and GWAR. I won the race with 100% of the vote with a 100% margin of error. I won reelection just this past week with again 100% of the vote, and this time with only 99% margin of error!!!

Since my election to the senate I have put in some work on reforming education and the sciences, but for the most part, I have just been layin in the cut and lookin way loc'd out. Recently, my work as a senator was interrupted by the news that North Korea had successfully tested a nuclear weapon. I got some peeps in NK so this came as a dramatic shock to all of us. I am committed to full democratic, peaceful, and honest negotiations with North Korea because no one wants to see a nuclear holocaust, well maybe your boy Dick Cheney.

November 9, 2006

Minranda Donahue, Constituent

My name is Miranda Donahue. I'm from Washinton D.C. I was born and raised in upstate New York. I graduated from New York University with a major in International Studies. I work in a Think Tank for the U.S. government and greatly enjoy my job even though it is so time consuming. I'm 25 and single, mostly because of my job. I hope to one day be married and have kids but for now my new foundland, Sophie, is my family.

The Global Press-"Fair Coverage of an Unfair World"

From its humble beginnings in 1915 the Global Press has strived to present the other side of our world. Its first work was a one page newspaper printed by Charles R. Saratom in his basement outside Manhattan. Fed up with the biased news that he was printing every day by the New York Times, he ran the first few copies out of a small press that he had rescued from the New York Times's scrap pile months before. The final straw for this great man was when England cut the intercontinental cables from Germany prior to U.S. involvement in the First World War. That left only one cable and one government left to control the news from Europe, England. After his first paper was received by the handful of readers, Saratom's paper exploded. A combination of his knack for knowing what stories the people wanted, and his ability to find sources from all sides of the debate thrust him into the spotlight. One month after he started printing his daily, his only source in Germany suddenly stopped sending Saratom reports from Berlin. Saratom had lost his edge on the other American newspapers. Knowing that he couldn't stand against the giants yet, Saratom asked his son James Saratom to travel to Berlin to send him reports of the current situation. A recent graduate of the Colombia School of Journalism James was eager to start his career, and a job offer from his father was the best way he could have begun a career. After James reports started coming back from Berlin, readership of the paper exploded and soon his paper was read up and down the East Coast. After the end of the war, Saratom sent reporters across the globe seeking stories that would inspire the American reader to seek an understanding about the people that they shared the world with. This belief in humanity and his desire to change the world through fair news struck a cord with his son. When Saratom finally retired his son assumed role of editor-in-chief, and in his famous speech James Saratom declared, "The world today is smaller then ever before, and we are no longer able to survive without our fellow men and women across the world. The news today should be not just national, but global. We shall never again be able to ignore the people of the world. From today and forever on, we shall always report the truth no matter where it is found." True to his commitment, every editor on staff today, from the editor-in-chief to the local section editors take the same oath that James Saratom swore on that day. To always report the truth from wherever it can be found. Today the Global Press is the only news service to print in every language, and to maintain an office in every capital city on the globe.

Japanese Ambassador Hattori Hanzo

Hello, I'm your Japanese Ambassador Hattori Honzo. I used to live in Okinawa, but now I work through relations in Tokyo. As a result of this whole North Korea Missle and Nuclear testing, our people have started to lose our stance of pacifism. It was bad enough in July with the missle testing headed our way, but with the nuclear testing in October, NK has chosen to strain our courteous relations to another. Not only are we very open to strikes from missles and nuclear weapons, the massive army could trample right into our borders on any given day, if they so chose. We have retaliated by baning all NK imports from entering our waters. As a further initiative, we may also begin to develop our own nuclear weapons, strictly as a defensive tactic. Though this could be useful, we really don't want to further develop our weapons program. I feel it would be best if we cooperated with Chinese for support. With Chinese support, we could rely on their military faction and not have to develop our own nuclear program. We truly do not want to develop for state gain like NK has shown. Perhaps we need to have new relations to discuss a possible new KEDO II program, but unless Kim Jun-Il is taken out, any preventative measures and agreements betwen us and NK will prove futile. Kim Jun-Il is a poopy and and we should make him wear a diaper out in the streets in his own country and watch the public executions and make him do slave labor. Anyway, konichi wa and adios.

Mike Vacanti - High School Superstar

I'm sure that no one will ever care what a stupid high school student has to say about the drinking age, but my voice is going to be heard. My name is Mike Vacanti, and I am currently a Senior at Jefferson Xavier High School. Just recently I threw a party with a couple of friends that enlisted in the U.S. Military this past year. They are both currently 19 and have experienced so much overseas. They also had a huge responsibility on their shoulders as well. However, the cops ended up coming to my house to break up our party due to a noise complaint. They ended up giving us all breathalizers, and we ended up getting minors.

What I don't understand is why can a student be trusted enough to fight for his or her country overseas, and not be able to drink? It just doesn't make sense. A teenager can carry an M16 in his hand and be licensed to kill, but he can't throw back a couple Brewskis with his family to celebrate. How is it possible that we can trust someone with our country when we can't trust them to make responsible decisions while drinking.

I just read a very informative article that will help me win my case.
The website is : http://www.army.com/articles/august_gi_drinking_age.html

Check it out and you'll see that I actually do know what I'm talking about!

The Parent

Hello everyone! My name is Kayla and I am the parent of a 19-year-old daughter named Megan. Megan is a freshman at the U of M and started to drink in high school. I was unaware of her drinking until her senior year when she came and told me that either she was going to the party and driving home intoxicated or she’d spend the night. I of course told her to spend the night but was always worried that she’d do something she’d regret; maybe even get pregnant. Alcohol just has this way of interfering with good thinking that it’s normal for me to be a concerned parent. When I was growing up the drinking age was 18. However, when my friends and I went out we wouldn’t worry whether one of us would end up in the ER having our stomachs pumped or if we were going to crash into a car on the road. For some reason, throughout these past 10-15 years drinking has gone to the extreme. Kids don’t realize the dangers of drinking until it’s too late. The binge drinking that is killing kids is outrageous but there’s nothing we can really do to stop it. I think that if the drinking age would be lowered back to 18, more harm than good would be done to our society. Alcohol consumption has a whole new look, it’s not just to socially drink but it’s merely to see who can become belligerent.

Diane Galatowitsch: The proud Chief Administrator of European Union

Greetings from the European Union,

I understand that my role as the Chief Administrator for the E.U. may be unclear to many readers. Throughout the years I have emerged to be the prime spokesperson for the E.U. Although I am committed to the E.U., I have grown up as a world citizen, living and being educated in a variety of nations. When I was younger I lived abroad with my parents, travelling from continent to continent. After graduating from high school in South Africa, I moved to America to earn a quality education at Harvard University. Although the experience of world living was beneficial, the constant moving taught me to appreciate a place called home. To me, home was where I was born, home was Poland. This sense of home has driven me to make all of Europe my home and accessible to others at ease. I am proud to speak on the behalf of the European Union. It is an honor to represent my home and my home away from home: Europe. If anyone has any questions for me, feel free to post a response to my bio, or e-mail me at diane.galatowitsch@gmail.com.

Goodnight, and always remember: We are united in diversity,

Diane Galatowtsch

UN Chief Administrator Jared Siegel

My fellow citizens of the world,

Greetings from New York City! My name is Jared Siegel and I am the newly-elected/self-elected/all powerful Chief Administrator of the United Nations. You may be asking, "What is the Chief Administrator?" To be frank, my position was created after much consideration regarding the actual impact of UN decisions. The nations in power decided a higher, authoritarian head would be the proper solution to motivate debate and results. Though Secretary-General Kofi Annan gets all of the glory and TV time, his puppet strings lead to my office. He also brings me coffee when I am thirsty, and grilled cheese sandwiches when I am hungry...only in four triangular, bite-sized pieces.

I was born in the Soviet Union and spent my childhood along the River Volga on the outskirts of Stalingrad (now Volgagrad). My English is perfect because I am awesome like that, and because I moved to the United States at a very young age to escape Communist oppression. I studied culinary arts at Finlandia University and soon rose to Assistant Manager at White Castle of Kenosha. I felt my wages were inadequate, so I started a crusade against the upper and upper-middle classes, one without violence, and became a renowned model of peaceful revolution, and became very wealthy by becoming an advertising icon for the likes of Air Jordan, Windex, and the George Foreman Grill. I received the UN request for employment/duty/international service while cutting the grass at my tropical estate (how ironic) in Romania, and since then have devoted my life to worldwide service.

As Chief Administrator of the United Nations, I hope to uphold the original intentions of the organization (international law, security, economic development, yadda yadda yadda), as well as rule all 192 member states with an iron fist...at least when the time is right. However, it is my hope to keep all nations in check with global standards, and prevention of unecessary violence ranks high on my list of stuff to speak about. I like podiums. The end.

Happy times!

Sergeant Nathan Thatcher

I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was the good life for me, great parents, good friends, and some "high" times. This reality was shut down when a friend of mine was killed in an auto accident, my best friend to be precise. The cause was found to be alcoholic related. This opened my eyes to what I was doing. I straightened up and headed out of High School a new man.

After attending a rather average college I was accepted into the New York Police Academy. Let me tell you, it was a rough time. I graduated the top of my class and headed back to the streets to prevent the attrocites that had happened to me, from happening to other kids.

I implemented a program in Madison, aimed at decreasing the amount of underage drinking that was going on at the college, the program "AWKE" pronounced awake, Alcohol Will Kill Eventually, quickly spread to other campuses including, but not limited to Miami, Minneapolis, and Ohio State.

My aim is to prevent the bill to lower the drinking to 18, and trust me my experience will pay off.

Lobbyist (alcohal company owner)

I am Parag Shah. Most of you know me as the owner of beer-a-licious, the best tasting beer around. I started this company ten and a half years ago in order to make a beer people actually enjoy to drink. I attended the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management. I have experienced college life and drinking and that is a big reason why I started my company. I have seen to many kids drinking beer just to get drunk and not for the taste. I believe my beer will allow young adults to responsibly drink alcohal because they want to enjoy it, but not do it just to get drunk, similar to a glass of wine. At the same time, it will allow college students to become more responsible as they will learn to drink socially, which will better prepare them for outings in the future. At the same time as it teaches kids resposibility, it also promotes a beer that is ethically above other beers.


Senator Victor Eremita has roamed the earth for many moons and was born in a manger sometime between 1950 and 1960, but his birthdate remains concealed by history. He attended college at the university of minnesota simply because their mascot is a gopher.

a gopher.

he got a degree in women's studies and a minor in political science. he joined the latter-day black panthers right out of school, a division of the black panthers that allows for people of all races. after defeating the previous senator in a Tibetan gladiatorial contest to the death, he "won the election" to become Senator of Rhode Island. Some things you may not know about Mr. Eremita: he is a specialist in Chinese orthopedic massage. he was known as "Loc Dog" in the underground Wyoming rap scene. he is one of four people in the state of Rhode Island qualified to handle nuclear waste. the dalai lama wrote his college recommendation. he has a close affinity for fire and rodents. he has a teenage daughter for the sake of having a reason to care about the issue that he simply willed into existence. there was no mother.

If given the choice between going to some sports event, and traveling through the wilderness with some close friends looking for the famed fountain of youth, then he would chose the wilderness adventure because it sounds much more entertaining.

this is the advertisement he requires local stations to run every hour on the hour that he suggests you watch simply to inspire yourself by himself:


Kim Jong-Il

I am Kim Jong-Il, leader of the Democratic Republic of North Korea. I graduated from Kim Il-sung University in 1964. For years I modeled my political career after my father. After Kim Il-sung, my father, passed away, I stepped in to continue his philosophy of Juche, a practice of self-reliance that has shaped out great nation. Under my leadership this nation has risen to become the sole power in Southeast Asia. It has become neccessary under my rule to pursue a nuclear power to better oppose the oppresive regimes of the West and even the East. We Koreans are a sturdy people, a people that will hold out against the tyranny of the West and their ambitions for world domination. We will not faulter in our goal; it is the United States that must understand our destiny is to become a world power--a world power with nuclear arms and the largest, finest and most well trained army in the world. These acts will not be infringed.


Senator Jon Martin of Virginia

My name is Jon Martin and I’m currently the senior Senator from The Commonwealth of Virginia and the first African American Senator from the south since Reconstruction. I graduated with a bachelors degree in political science and later got my law degree at Harvard Law. I practiced law in the state of Virginia for over ten years, until I ran for the Senate and unseated the six term Republican senator in a major upset. Running as a conservative Democratic I’m in my third term and in 2002 I was elected Senate majority leader. I’m pro-choice, pro-death penalty, anti-immigration and oppose gay marriage. In both the Bosnian and Iraq war I’ve voted for use of force. However, the Korean conflict in my opinion must be settle at the bargaining table not the battlefield. I look forward to working with the President and Secretaries of State and Defense in finding a solution that will have the best outcome for the country and the world.

United States Secretary of State, Mark Dille

My name is Mark Dille and I am the current United States Secretary of State. I graduated from the University of Minnesota as a weapons engineer where after I served in the United States Marine Corps with the reconaissance unit. Subsequently to an honorable discharge, I studied law and got my degree from Stanford University while working at ATK, a private defense contracting firm. I ran for senate [republican] and served two terms after five years as team manager at ATK. After my second term, I was appointed as Secretary of State by President Jack Daniels. My job right now is to analyze current foreign affairs as well as our current military potentials along side with the rising instability and hostility of North Korea to decide if a preemptive first strike followed by invasion is necessary.

Embassy Representative Bell (China)

Good Day,
I'm the Embassy Representative for China, Mr. Dustin Jack Bell. I'm here to relate China's happenings and personal opinions on the North Korean nuclear program. I attended Yail as an undergraduate and got a degree in journalism and attended Havard for my graduate degree in communications. Shortly after I marrried and went on to have 3 children, two boys and one girl. I worked for the state of California until being offered a postion in Foreign Affairs at the White House. I reached my current position in 2001 after several paper pushing positions through out various divisions of Foreign Affairs. My family currently lives in San Diego. I do my best to see them as much as possible. I enjoy sailing, fine wines, and tennis.


My name is Pascual and I am an entrepreneur. I own the textile company, Rubén, LLC, in San Rafael, California. I started the company after I graduated from the School of Business from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Finance. I opened a textile manufacturing company in South Korea a couple of years ago. My original intention was to open the business in China but I was not given the permission from the state government so I had to settle with South Korea. My business is successful, generating large profits. I now I live in San Francisco. I am 35-years old, married to Luisa San Gaspar de Lomas, a CEO, and a father of two. My daughter is Gisela, 8 years old, and my son is Gabel, who is 6 years old. I was born in Uruguay and came to the United States when I was 15 years old. Next year, I hope to open other manufacturing companies in China, if given permission this time, and in India.

Lindsay the college student

Hey everyone! My name is Lindsay and I'm a freshman at the U of MN in Twin Cities. I'm from Fond du Lac, WI, which is about 5 hours away, and have a younger brother who's a junior in high school. Fond du Lac is a small city of about 38,000 so coming to the U, I was very excited to party and meet new people. I've drank a few times in high school but never got so wasted I couldn't remember anything afterwards. My friends and I are very responsible and therefore believe that the drinking age should be lowered to 18. If young adults our age in Europe can drink when they're 18, we should be able to as well. Not everyone is irresponsible when they drink.

Lindsay the college student

Hey everyone! My name is Lindsay and I'm a freshman at the U of MN in Twin Cities. I'm from Fond du Lac, WI, which is about 5 hours away, and have a younger brother who's a junior in high school. Fond du Lac is a small city of about 38,000 so coming to the U, I was very excited to party and meet new people. I've drank a few times in high school but never got so wasted I couldn't remember anything afterwards. My friends and I are very responsible and therefore believe that the drinking age should be lowered to 18. If young adults our age in Europe can drink when they're 18, we should be able to as well. Not everyone is irresponsible when they drink.

November 8, 2006

Candy Crawford, Constituent

Hi y'all! My name is Candy Crawford. I am 42 years old but my friends say I don't look a day over 32. I live in Plano, Texa$, a large suburb of Dallas. I am married to a wonderful man and my high school sweetheart, Dennis, who's the Chairman and CEO of his own million dollar start-up. Together we have three kids, Dennis Jr, Amber and Jamie Lynn. For the past four years I have served on the local PTA, where I run the annual bake sale. I guess you could say my life revolves around my kids -- taking them from soccer practice to band lessons to tutoring sessions. Sure, they're only 10, 7 and 5 years old, but the nice man at the tutoring center said it would be best for them, and I want them to have every advantage they can have. Plus, if I can spend thousands of dollars a year on botox, I can spend the same on my children's future -- it's really the least I could do. As if I didn't already have enough to do, as a born-again Christian, I attend church twice a week. When I'm not with my kids, at school or at church, which is not that often at all, I try to get today's news with a fair and balanced look courtesy of the fine folks at Fox News.

Senator Haukos

Hello to all of my faithful constituents!! As I'm sure you all know, I am your elected official for this debate. I would just like to give you a little background on myself. I graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1999 with a degree in Finance. After graduating from the U, I applied and was accepted into the Kennedy School of Law at Harvard University. I graduated from Harvard in 2003. I was then immediatly elected senator fresh out of law school (I know, it seems rather odd, but it happened). My campaign for election was run on mostly conservative values. I support the War in Iraq, although I realize that we need a change in policy over their. I am pro-life, believing that life begins at conception. I am a big family and christian values person. I feel that it is not the government's choice to decide when a person should be able to consume alcohol, but that person and their family. Although many people claim that to remove the rules from the current system, and havoc would break loose. I feel that like most things, people only want what they cannot have. If we make alcohol legal, teens will not feel the strong notions to drink excessively. As your senator, I look forward to representing you and hope that I can serve you justice. Feel free to contact me through the blog, or go ahead and e-mail me -------. I would prefer contact through the blog, but e-mail would be acceptable in some cases. Have a great day!

November 3, 2006

North Korea Debate -- the roles and players

Should the US get involved in with North Korea ?


representative #1 -- Nick
representative #2 -- Alex
representative #3 -- Jon

media -- Elliot

Embassy representative for Japan-- Brandon
United Nation's Chief Administrator-- Jared
European Union Chief Administrator -- Diane
Secretary of State for U.S. Administration -- Mark
Embassy representative for China -- Dustin
Kim Jon Ill -- Joseph
U.S. Voter #1 (representing a specific group of the US population) -- Katherine
U.S. Voter #2 (representing another group of the US population) -- Mike
U.S. Voter #3 (representing another group of the US population) Vanessa

FOR WEDNESDAY -- Bring in an article, perhaps from your role's viewpoint, about this issue.
FOR FRIDAY -- Post a short biography on your role. (Remember to post under specific category: "Debate #2 --The Players)

Katherine, Mike, and Vanessa, you will have to think of a specific subgroup of the US population that you will represent. This will give you more power as constituents. For example, do you represent a group of middle-aged pacifists, construction companies, Korean-Americans? Identifying a subgroup identity, will also help when it comes to writing up your short bios.

Drinking Age Debate--the roles and players

Should the drinking age be changed to 18 years of age?


senator #1 -- Dain
senator #2 -- John L.

media -- Matt

high School teacher/Principal -- David
high School student -- Justin
parent -- Jaqi
Lobbyist (alcohol company) -- Parag
parent -- Kayla
college professor --
health professional -- Debra
college student -- Tina
Sgt. Thatcher -- Luke

FOR WEDNESDAY -- Bring in an article, perhaps from your role's viewpoint, about this issue.
FOR FRIDAY -- Post a short biography on your role. (Remember to post under specific category: "Debate #2 --The Players)

Olivia Borgess-Nunez--Freelance Journalist

My career as a journalist has brought me around the world reporting on the exchange of ideas between various groups large and small. Not wanting to be chained down to the editorial demands of one publication, I work mostly as a freelance writer for a variety of outlets. Some of my recent work has been published in The New York Times, London Globe, and most recently The Pioneer Press.

The issues that catch my eye often involve the interaction of smaller groups forging an identity when in confrontation with larger groups. Fashioning myself after the original muckrakers of the early twentieth century, I often position myself as the voice of the underdog.

For more information about me and my work, check out my webpage and blog at myspace.

The Players

Who has the power? Who doesn't? Who has power in ways unseen?

As we prepare to begin the debates, write a short biography describing who you are and how you are involved in the debate. Feel free to add links to myspace.com, facebook.com, etc. Consider this public information since it will be viewed by those who will be writing memos to you.

Feel free to click on my bio as a sample for some ideas.

***REMEMBER to select the correct debate category when posting your entries!!! This will help to keep all this organized.