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A Compromise

The Democratic Republic of North Korea has decided to present to the UN a compromise that all member nations will be unable to turn down.

We will abandon our quest for a nuclear program under the conditions that all members in the United Nations, and even those outside of it (with pressure from members), completely disarm and dismantle all atomic armament, including ceasing production of all nuclear arms. The ultimate goal: removal of all atomic arms from the planet by 2015.

The United Nations must create an organization with the sole purpose of maintaning this international state. This organization will have members from all participating nations, and must requre the full compliance of the international intelligence community.

I should hope the United States and her influence will be the first to endorse this program and lead the way to a New World Order.

Kim Jong-Il


Mr. Kim Jong-Il,

The European Union would like to support your compromise. By eliminating all nuclear arms from the planet, no one would be at risk. Although this sounds glorious, it will be very hard for countries to drop their nuclear arsenal in case another country is hiding something. With all of the lies and cover ups in modern day society it hardly seems possible that countries would be willing to give up their nuclear power. So as much as this compromise sounds like a move forward, the EU believe it may bring more conflict about trust between nations. The EU does support a nuclear free world and your compromise would solve the problem if the world worked in a utopian manner and everyone complied with everyone. A nuclear free world is ideal but a more detailed timeline will be necessary for this to happen. Countries will not be willing to drop there greatest protection and largest threat, their nuclear arsenal. We thank you for seeking compromise and we at the EU hope that one day the world will be nuclear free.

Thank you,

Diane Galatowitsch

I as senator of Alaska also support your compromise. It seems to me hypocritical to call for one nation to disarm while at the same time brandishing your own nuclear weapons. I assure you and all my constituents that I will support the full disarmament of the United States' nuclear arsenal.

This is absolute RUBBISH! Why should the international community bow to the wants of North Korea? It is entirely perverse to think that any nation would completely disarm itself after years of buildup. This process would waste the time and money placed in development of the technologies, as well as the expenses of the materiel itself. No nation will want to simply throw all of that away, much less the security threats afore-mentioned by EU Administrator Galatowitsch.

While your thoughts are noble, your idea of what a compromise consists of is not.

My viewpoints aside, I will present the possibility to the UN General Assembly and urge it into the Security Council. It is nice to hear from you again, Mr. Chairman, and I'd like to keep our communications open.