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A Country in "MOurning" or "campaigning"?

Editorial Page-- St. Paul Pioneer Press

As the country works to find calm after the death of the president's daughter, Laura Starner, others are busy at work. I speak more specifically of certain individuals in congress who are tickled pink by this tragic opportunity to forward their stance on the upcoming alocohol bill. While Senator Emeratis and Senator Haukos have been tight-lipped in keeping their comments limited to condolences for the president's family, other's such as Senator Rothgard have pushed the envelope too far.

This campaigning buzz is in part due to the recent announcement of Senator Laurence VonGratskin's (R-MN) retirement. With a new seat open in the Senate, the delicate balance of those FOR and AGAINST the upcoming alcohol bill will be disrupted. Both sides of the issue wait with bated breath to see who Gov. Pawlenty choses to fill VonGratskin's seat. Pawlenty states that he wants to chose "a voice of the people" not a "polished politician."

The nation waits to see who will offer him or herself as a candidate. Will it be The Parent, who tirelessly works with community leaders to forward her stance on the alcohol issue? Or will it be Shah, CEO of Beer'A'Licious? Or perhaps Sgt. Thatcher, another well respected individual in the community? We'll have to see?