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Citizens: Does the U.S. Disarm?

Citizens of the United States of America,

It has been brought to our attention that a compromise has come forth between the U.S. and other nations of the world, including North Korea. As a representative of this great nation, I call upon all citizens to voice their opinion on this key decision in American history. I think that it is vital to the success and happiness of the country for the representatives that you elect into office to be presenting the opinions of their districts and states they represent. Please, use the democracy that we are so fortunate to have and speak up for your opinion so congressmen and women can work for the people. How do I know where I stand if my citizens don't know where they stand?

North Korea has agreed to disarm all of their nuclear weapons if the rest of the world community will do the same. I would like us to consider this topic very seriously. Is this the solution that we have been waiting for? Is it possible to rid the world of nuclear weapons? What would we do as a world community if these rules are broken? Or maybe is it ok for us to have a limited number of these weapons to control terrorism and war. Perhaps nuclear weapons only provoke war? Would you feel safe if the United States had no nuclear weapons to protect itself?

Citizens, please let your congressmen know what America wants.
I trust Americans will make the best decision.

Senator Austin


I believe that we should disarm the nuclear weapons. We as a country are spending tons of tax payers dollars on a defense against nuclear bombs, if we are disarmed then we wouldn't need to spend the money for this defense or for the upkeep of the bomb itself. Then this money could go toward other world problems such as hunger or poverty. If the world were to disarm then countries like Russia could use the money from nuclear arms to bring their country back from depression. And on top of that with so many countries having the bomb, it makes the bomb less of a threat and less of a way to defend ourselves.
Minranda Donahue