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The United States does not agree to the compromise brought forth by Chairman Il regarding a complete nuclear disarmament because nothing will be gained of it. The United States relies not on nuclear weaponry and hasn't since 1953 nor do ANY of our ready-planned offensive military scenarios in the Marine Corps and Army contain anything about using nuclear weaponry solely because they will never be used in an offensive situation; also see the unilateral non-proliferation cooperation movement between Russia and the United States with removing all nuclear artillery shells in 1991-2003. Our position as a "sole super power" is merely relative and is in no way proportional to our quantity nor quality of nuclear weaponry but is more a function of our technology and versatile abilties. However the light on our status with relation with the rest of the world is entirely irrelevant as well as this silly "compromise". That is all the United States will share on the issue at this time.

Secretary of State Mark DIlle