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Eremita for Senator

In the upcoming election an important decision regarding our nation's young people will take place. Vote for myself, Senator Victor Eremita, for the protection of our children. My oppoents, Senator Hauko and the owner of "Beer-a-licious" Parag Shah want to irrationally and irresponcibily create a federal drinking age of 18. (There is no federal drinking age as of yet, but the federal government keeps state government's drinking age at 21 with financial incentives.)
Sen. Hauko asserts that, "I feel that like most things, people only want what they cannot have. If we make alcohol legal, teens will not feel the strong notions to drink excessively." but has no facts or studies to support his "feeling." Further he says: "However, if the drinking age was moved to 18, don't you think more children would not have to lie to their parents about where they are and what they are doing?" Adolecence who drink will still make poor choices whether their parents know or not because their judgement is impaired.

Senator Hauko has come out in support of Parag Shah, who also wants to lower the drinking age. Parag Shah owns a beer production company. He says: "I have seen to many kids drinking beer just to get drunk and not for the taste. I believe my beer will allow young adults to responsibly drink alcohal because they want to enjoy it, but not do it just to get drunk, similar to a glass of wine." I fail to see the logic of this argument, as I'm sure, the people, can too. By making the taste better, wouldn't young people have just another insentive to consume more? Also, he openly acknowledges that he has "seen to[o] many kids drinking beer just to get drunk and not for the taste." Finally, in another statement, he says "I ask all of you who support a more responsible youth to lead our country, you vote for me, Parag Shah for Senate." How can his words be taken seriously when he previously contradicted himself about the responsibility of youth in the previous example? The best way to truely support youth in this election is to allow the drinking age to be raised, thus preventing alochol-related death, developmental impedment, and alcohol-related violence around our children.

This election is not about who trusts youth more or less, it's not about trust at all. Take into consideration the recent adolecence alcohol-related deaths, including the death of the President's daughter. Please weigh the facts and vote responsibly. My oppents have provided no concrete arguments or information to support their claims other then "feelings" that, contrary to years of behavior, significantly reduce their alcohol intake, and yet one of them owns a beer company. I have a daughter, and seek to gain the Congressional seat soley to prevent the lowering of the drinking age, unlike my oppoent, who would see his profits dramatically increase. Please vote for myself, I won't let you and our children down.
Thank you,
Senator Victor Eremita

*P.S. If you're still not convinced, I encourage you to watch my campaign video:

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Please give some examples of what you are going to do to improve the problem of underage drinking.