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Will North Korea be Another Iraq?

Letter to the Editor of The New York Times

Dear Fellow Americans,
As a citizen whose taxes are, unwillingly being used to support a department of defense that plans a possible military invasion in North Korea, I feel it necessary to deplore the current administration's actions. Although all those talking heads up in Washington tout a policy of diplomacy, it is clear that "protecting out own interests" is the guiding policy

Exactly who do we think we are to attack a country that has nuclear weapons when we ourselves have nuclear weapons positioned and ready to fire on a variety of nations. Kin Jon ll, in his recent message to the public, was accurate to describe the US as an oppressive force wanting to colonize the world. How can Il even attempt "diplomatic procedures" when he is not given any options to choose from; His only option is to stop making nuclear weapons.

Call me a zealot, if you will. Perhaps I am misinformed on the issue. If so, where is the news/media coverage that is out there to tell me otherwise? Where are the "scholars" and "experts" with their finely polished analysis of the situation?

In the mean time, I urge my fellow American to examine the wider impact of a military invasion in North Korea.(view photo montage linked below). Look beyond the face of Kim Jon Il, who is presented as the prime "evil doer" to see the faces of North Korea's children, who start out life as innocent souls wanting only a future of opportunity, not one of destitution and poverty, like the children in Iraq now have.

Do we really want to breed another generation of terrorists?

Your fellow citizen,
Luis Wyn Hassim

The faces of our Enemy?:


If the United States were to invade North Korea successfully, we are far more prepared now than any war in the past due to intensive planning and military coordination with other world powers. I do not believe that we would be breeding another generation of terrorists because this region of people does not generally despise Western culture as the people of the region of Iraq generally do; there being an emphasis on the generalities. What the United States does best is reconstruction, given that a war is completed, the reconstruction period after the war will be what the people of North Korea will be benefited by because not only will their economy as a whole sore, their people will benefit from the movement of being able to partake in a freer economy where the individual has many more economic rights than before. We will not be imposing a new governmental system in its entirety, we will simple enact good governance on the system that is already in place because their current practices are not far from acceptable regarding world economic standards assumed by the IMF, WTO, World Bank, and even the EU. We would need assistance by Chief Administrator of the European Union, Diane Galatoswitsch, as well as Chinese support with economically open arms. This has great potential to bring prosperity to not just all of North Korea, but the region and the world as well.

United States Secretary of State Mark Dille