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North Korea Debate -- the roles and players

Should the US get involved in with North Korea ?


representative #1 -- Nick
representative #2 -- Alex
representative #3 -- Jon

media -- Elliot

Embassy representative for Japan-- Brandon
United Nation's Chief Administrator-- Jared
European Union Chief Administrator -- Diane
Secretary of State for U.S. Administration -- Mark
Embassy representative for China -- Dustin
Kim Jon Ill -- Joseph
U.S. Voter #1 (representing a specific group of the US population) -- Katherine
U.S. Voter #2 (representing another group of the US population) -- Mike
U.S. Voter #3 (representing another group of the US population) Vanessa

FOR WEDNESDAY -- Bring in an article, perhaps from your role's viewpoint, about this issue.
FOR FRIDAY -- Post a short biography on your role. (Remember to post under specific category: "Debate #2 --The Players)

Katherine, Mike, and Vanessa, you will have to think of a specific subgroup of the US population that you will represent. This will give you more power as constituents. For example, do you represent a group of middle-aged pacifists, construction companies, Korean-Americans? Identifying a subgroup identity, will also help when it comes to writing up your short bios.