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Running for Senate

As you all know there are elections coming up for Senator. I want to announce today that I will be running for that position. I have been a strong supporter of Senator Haukos and I agree with many of the same issues he does, especially on the drinking age. I want to teach responsibility to the youth of this country as they receive new freedoms. When kids become young adults when they turn 18 years of age, they are given many new responsibilities that will design the future of our country. Beyond drinking, they need to learn how to handle this responsiblity. I believe alcohal can be a teacher of responsibility and if kids are able to drink at 18, they will learn more responsibility at an earlier age. Along with lowering the drinking age, I plan to implement various programs to teach responsibliity with alcohal and also other freedoms that will be granted to them. I am not saying this will be an immediate change but I promise you after some time you will see dramatic improvements. I ask all of you who support a more responsible youth to lead our country, you vote for me, Parag Shah for Senate.


I believe that Mr. Shah would make an excellent Senator. He will bring a no-nonsense feel to the senate. If you want something positive done in the senate this year vote for Mr. Shah. If you want alot of interparty debate with nothing accomplished, voting for Mr. Shah would not be the correct decision.
Senator Haukos

Would this make a better tasting senate, to go along with your beer? If going along with your "responsibility platform" we decide to elect you, how do you plan on teaching responsibility to every 18 year old, what plans do you want to impose? Sure some will be touched, but the majority of teens just want a good time, and to them that involves being drunk, made easier by your beer.

I've posted my responce to Mr. Shah's announcement under the "debate" section, and if there's time left I'd be interested in his responce.
-Senator Victor Eremita

YOU GOT MY VOTE MR. SHAH. I feel what you are doing is truly great. You want the teenagers voice to be heard unlike most people. You actually know that we deserve this responsibility and are willing to fight for it as well. I can't thank you enough for the support you've shown each and every one of us that are trying to lower the drinking age to the well-deserved age of 18.

Mike Vacanti
All-American Stud

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