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Senator Martins reactions on the “Compromise�

I must praise Chairman Ill, I didn’t think he had it in him to be so utopian. This compromise I must admit sounds good on paper, and I’m pretty sure everyone wouldn’t oppose living in a non-nuclear world. But to possibly think the world is willing or even capable to do it just because some rogue leader calls for disarmament is beyond ludicrous.

The main problem with this compromise is, it would compromise the national security of the US, its allies, and not to mention the world. The more scrupulous of the nuclear nation; the US France, Britain, and Russia would most likely disarm is there was a UN resolution to do so. However I can’t say the same for China, India, Pakistan, North Korea or Israel, who or what would stop them from partially disarming and then rearm a year later. I can just hear someone saying “the UN could�, but realistically the UN couldn’t even stop one country from pursuing a nuclear program. The second scenario that is troublesome is this: countries such as Iran who don’t have nuclear weapons but have nuclear programs and could develop weapons, and then you’d have an unstable nation being the only nuclear power in the world with no one to challenge them.

Personally, I think the only reason North Korea is issuing this compromise is there running out of options. Their ports and lands are blockaded, their closest allies have turned against them, and they have no where to go. North Korea is in a long slow battle of attrition, that there slowing losing. If Chairman Ill doesn’t want to talk sensibly its his loss, all we have to do is wait and he’ll bleed him self out.