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The World needs to join together, not send America alone

Dear Readers,

As the Chief Administrator of the European Union I would like to wish everyone well for the upcoming elections tomorrow. The past few weeks have been a great opportunity for the world to converge on such an important issue in our world today. I have learned a lot from the citizens of the United States to Kim Jong-Il himself about the contrasting opinions on this issue. As we head into the elections tomorrow, I would like to address everyone with the European Unions final stance on the issue of the United States involvement in North Korea in this memo.

The European Union believes that it is in the best interest of the United States and the world if they did not enter this conflict under their name alone. An issue involving nuclear weapons involves the global community since the safety of the global population would be at risk. It would be wise for the United States to push its efforts to actually supporting the United Nations in all of its potential. The European Union is growing bored with the lack of negotiations coming from North Korea despite all of our efforts so we have weakened our connections. Action needs to take place, but at the correct time and with support of the global community.

The European Union plans to continue the humanitarian assistance that we offer to the citizens of North Korea currently. For those who are unaware the EU has been providing assistance ever since 1995 when devastating floods struck the country. We provide the citizens with medicines, water, food, and we provide a better option for sanitation, winter clothes and hygiene. It is in the best interest of the world to support the people of North Korea but oppose the regime in power. We must look out for the millions of people who are actually suffering under the regime and will be affected by any actions we decide to take.

I hope the European Union will be supported by others reading this memo. With your support we are already a step closer to global cooperation. I thank you all and I bid you a pleasant evening and a good nights rest for the elections tomorrow morning.

Thank you,

Diane Galatowitsch, The Chief Administrator of the European Union