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UN Response to Disarmament

Citizens of the world,

North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-Il recently proposed a "compromise" to the international community. It called for total disarmament of all world powers in exchange for the word of the Chairman that North Korea would also follow suit. In an attempt to re-open serious communication channels with the Democratic Republic of North Korea, I, as UN Chief Administrator, proposed the compromise to the Security Council. Needless to say, the compromise failed to reach a vote, much less any sort of serious debate.

The powers of the world wish to compromise with North Korea on different levels that do not involve total disarmament. It has been noted that such trust in a terror-ridden world can be catastrophic, and there is no international institution powerful enough to force nations to reach 100% compliance, a height unreachable without constant surveillance by certified weapons inspectors. There is also the matter of accounting for EVERY SINGLE nuclear technology on the planet. Not only is it unfeasable to numerate such a grand amount of personnel an operation, the monetary costs of such an undertaking would be astounding. The case stands for developed nations holding nuclear arms as well, where hundreds of millions of dollars were spent or are being spent to develop these technologies, a commitment no person would turn back on.

These factors, of course, mean nothing so long as the international community fails to cooperate as a whole...an event unseen after thousands of years of civilization.

UN Chief Adminstrator Siegel