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UN Response to US Blockade

The United Nations would like to induce its support of the recent decisions of the United States State Department to put forth economic sanctions, especially the physical blockade of the majority of North Korean ports, as a step in the correct direction in the de-nuclearization process. These actions have garnered support from most, if not all, of the UN member nations and can depend on further support in a variety of forms in the coming weeks.


UN Chief Administrator Jared Siegel,

Has the United Nations passed a resolution in support of the blockade? The European Union is worried that a complete blockade may only make the situation worse. The European Parliament passed a Non-Proliferation Treaty in 2005 that supports supplying energy in exchange for haulting the production of plutonium, supporting the KEDO (The Korean Energy Development Organization), and motivating the six party talks to continue. The EU is worried that if a full blockade were to occur, the civilians within North Korean would hurt even more and the North Korea would feel even more threatened. North Korea needs to be denuclearized through incentives, not threats.

Thank you,

Diane Galatowitsch, The Chief Administrator for the European Union