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Kim's University of divine struggle for crapulence

Kim is a truely remarkable leader. Embracing the concept of "distance learning," has established the Kim Il Sung Open University Web site, www.ournation-school.com, aimed at educating the world on North Korea's philosophy of "juche" or self-reliance. He has set up a system that allows only students and researchers at universities along with a selct few to have access to computers. This is made odd due to constant intranet surveilence on a nationwide scale. A handful of the elite have access to the wider Web, via a pipeline through China, but this is almost certainly filtered, monitored and logged. No one knows what is going on besides the high ranking officials, so it is quite difficult to grasp what information is being collected and distributed in that isolated region of the world we call North Korea. Is this how Kim is going to develop his weapons even further, or train his army a poutier and stylistic goosewalk? Perhaps they are coming up with new ideas to broadcast on Kim's show or invent a hairstyle that doesn't resemble cotton candy.

Adouches Claptrap


I like cotton candy.

I really liked the concept of distance learning.

Kim does the excellent job

Grt move Kim

Distance learning saves time.

Kim is going to be a serious threat to the world

I think distance learning is not that helpful...for such courses

Distance learning concept is nice.

nice concept of distrance learning . keep doing good work kim.

Distance learning is the process by which technology is used for education in ways where the student does not have to physically be in the place where the teaching is taking place.its nices