August 27, 2008

state fair pics

slide with papie.JPGslide with papie II.JPG

The fair has a way of bringing out the kid in all of us. While Oliver is his own cute self as always in these photos, it is really Papie's boyish glee that must be noticed. Watching our parents interact with our children offers us a whole new angle to understanding them. I love these moments.

Up North with grandma and grandpa

oliver first fish.png

Oliver caught his first fish while up at Grandpa and Grandma's cabin. He loved being outdoors, going on walks with the dogs, listening to the loons, sitting around the campfire, swimming in the lake, riding the four-wheeler, and "driving" the boat.

It was fun for me to see Oliver enjoy a place and set of activities that were also so much fun for me when I was younger. I also enjoyed watching Oliver bring out the little boy in my dad. The two of them really enjoyed each other's company. This video below of my dad teaching Boon (and Oliver) how to play "fetch" offers a glimpse of this special relationship taking shape.

fetch photo.png

big boy bed

oliver big boy bed.JPG

In the beginning of August,Oliver made a move from the crib to a big boy bed. At first he was afraid of the bed, unsure what to do with all the space. The safety gate gave him some comfort.

Concerned that he might just get of his own bed and crawl into bed with us, we told him that when he gets up in the morning he has to say "Mama, Papa, I'm awake; come get me." Lucky for us, this practice has stuck and now we wake up every morning (around 6:30am) to Oliver's sweet little voice saying "Mama, Papa, come get me." -- what a nice replacement to the previous crying that was common practice when waking up in the crib.

The photo above of Oliver sleeping ... so still ... so peaceful, almost makes me cry. Do we adults looks so beautiful when we sleep?

words, words, words

This July, Oliver was a special guest in Papa's linguistics class. He was invited as an "expert on child language." Talking to him in French, James had Oliver name different objects juxtaposed with other objects. I love watching Oliver maneuver so smoothly between French and English as he participates in Papa's game. While he doesn't produce much French, he understands everything James says. The video below highlights Oliver's growing vocabulary and his excitement about words.

oliver words photo.png

riding trains with mamie and papie

mamie train.JPGcaboose.JPG

Oliver loves his trains. It is not uncommon for him to play at his train table for an hour, organizing the track, building the bridges, and lining up the cars. He knows the names of all his train cars (Thomas the tank engine names). Mamie and Papie have encouraged Oliver's love of trains, reading him books about trains and bringing him to the local train shop, Choo Choo Bob's every time they visit.


school days

Oliver at school.jpg
One of Oliver's teachers at "school" took this picture. I love his smile. He looks so coy.

I feel so lucky to have found Oliver's school. His teachers are great! They give him so much love and attention. They write these notes everyday filling us in on Oliver's daily events, his new words, his favorite toys, and his burgeoning friendships. While there are hundreds of words to offer, I share here only a few.

February 26, 2008
Oliver was very focused on puzzles today. They're still a bit too challenging...but he's persistent and only needs a little help. He made some block towers and lined up cars with Keshav. He was part of a group of 6 boys reading books in the sun after lunch. when one of them said "I like the sun," Oliver smiled and said, "I like the sun too." : ) --Molly

February 28, 2008 Oliver was quite proud of his Winnie the Pooh diapers! He came charging out of the bathroom, pulled his pants down and said "Pooh diaper!" He had to show each of the teachers and a few kids too! When it was time for a diaper change, he was quick to request "Pooh diaper?" and grinned when he saw the Pooh diaper! --Molly

June 24, 2008
Oliver had a great day. He was asking where mama was and I said she was at work. "Why?" Because it was a work day. "Why?" Because Tuesdays are work days. "Why?" Because in this country people work on Tuesdays. "Why?" Because that is how it works around here. "Why is that how it works around here?" --It was quite the conversation. --Leann

May 29, 2008 Oliver had a good day. He was busy "doing" my hair with shampoo and blow dryers. While working on my hair he was talking on a cell phone and said he was calling my mom. He played with the dishes in the room. He stuck a spoon in the teapot and thought it was hilarious! Outside he was cruising around in a cozy coupe. -- Leann

July 17, 2008
Oliver had a good day--very interested in the rain he was asking Leann, "why it comes from the sky?" Told me about his sighting of a backhoe today on the street! Also, building with wonder blocks and reading many books. --Kelli

April 27, 2008

oliver plays with color and form

oliver pieces.jpg

oliver watercolor.jpg

Oliver loves to create pictures. He will spend extended periods of time drawing, painting, or sketching with chalk inside or on the sidewalk. Watching him, he seems so calm, so focused. I hope that he continues with this practice as a way to relax and think through ideas. We are luck that Oliver's school makes so much time for art activities (see art projects above).

Oliver at school drawing 1.jpgOliver at school drawing 2.jpg

December 11, 2007

Oliver Film Festival 2007

For Oliver's second birthday party, I put together a series of three short videos, each with its own focus. The party overall was a blast. Mamie baked and decorated a beautiful Thomas the tank engine cake, while Auntie Jen put together a delicious spread of breakfast goodies. Thanks to all of their help, I was able to focus on getting the mini films ready for showtime.

Selection #1: "The Great Pumpkin Hunt 2007"

This film was pulled together from a bunch of footage I took when we went out looking for pumpkins in our neighborhood.

pumpkin humt.png

Selection #2: "Papie, Pizza & Poop"

This shorty features some of Oliver's first words caught on tape. His real first word, not on tape, was "light." He started saying it when he was 13 months old. I remember being so excited for him that I wanted to bring him to some elaborated store full of lights so that he could just keep pointing above saying "light" "light" "light". While that never happened, I still enjoy hearing his new words. I hope this video below captures that joy.

words words.png

Selection #3: "Oliver's Adventures with Mindi Poppins"

This feature is in honor of Oliver's nanny Mindi, who for a year and a half took care of Oliver. She added so much to his life and mine. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to get to know her in this way. She just recently got a new job and will no longer be Oliver's nanny, but will remain part of our family.

mindi poppins.png

November 29, 2007

Birthday Greetings for Auntie Jen


november 2007

October 29, 2007

putting out fires with "bumpa"

October 28th, 2007

1oliver looking up.JPG

Once Oliver figured out how the fire extinguisher worked, he had so much fun playing with the it. He just kept spraying and spraying. I think my dad equally enjoyed himself. He was always identifying a new target for Oliver to spray. "Oliver look at that woman's hair (a girl with a red wig). It's on fire, spray it." Luckily Oliver's aim isn't so good.


The highlight of the night for me was hearing Oliver say "Look Bumpa, Look." It was the first time I'd heard him call my dad, grandpa, or as Oliver prefers, "Bumpa."

4pam.JPG5dad.JPG |

In search of "punkins"

pumpkin stoop.png
October 2007

Excited about fall and its round bursts of orange sitting on every doorstep, Oliver and I roamed the neighborhood in search of "punkins." Click here to see a slide-show of our great pumpkin adventure.

I look forward to doing this again in years to come. We made it a game in which Oliver had to find the pumpkins and then introduce them to our domestic pumpkin, "Mr. Pumpkin" (the Tim Burton'esk looking pumpkin figurine). Walking around the neighborhood in search of pumpkins was a fun occasion to slow down and notice all the changing colors in our neighborhood.

October 4, 2007

oliver and papi

Picture 1 16-21-34.png
july 2007

Olivers first words and papi's big smile make me watch this video over and over.

new playmates

Oliver just started daycare last month. While the adjustment period has been difficult, Oliver is starting to enjoy his new playmates. I have no pictures from daycare, but the short parent notes below, written by his teachers, present an imagery of their own.

"Oliver was so helpful today!!! He held the dustpan while I swept, then he helped wipe off the batles with other friends. In the foyer he drove some vehicles on the road...also liked the magnet blocks!! We played with stickers today. The time period right after nap seems to be toughest."

"Oliver was in a fabulous mood today. He continues to love the trains. We got a few more trains and a train carpet over the weekend, and Oliver spent a lot of time with them. Outside, we heard lots of sirens. Oliver walked around to tell us "Whee-ooh! Whee-ooh!" After lunch, he was in a silly mood he did lots of pillow wrestling and giggling."

"Oliver played with puzzles and listened to stories before nap. He was in a great mood again today--sometimes I think he is very affected by the mood of his peers. A friend was crying and Oliver started crying--very age appropriate though. He's been telling us that mom drives a school and dad drives a fire truck!"

"Oliver was in a great mood again today. During breakfast he squatted on his char and "danced" to some music. He made a long line with the waffle block and even let Elle Join him. when he was done with the line, he practiced jumping over it. In the foyer, he named colors on the pop-up toys. He wore an apron, walked around with a camera to his face saying "cheese!"

"Oliver painted with leaf stamps! Outside he rode a tricycle and a red motorcycle! He sat next to Birka at lunch--they leaned their faces close to each other and would laugh... did this over and over again! Used the kitchen area and played with small vehicles."

california pics

Picture 1.png
june 2007

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