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new playmates

Oliver just started daycare last month. While the adjustment period has been difficult, Oliver is starting to enjoy his new playmates. I have no pictures from daycare, but the short parent notes below, written by his teachers, present an imagery of their own.

"Oliver was so helpful today!!! He held the dustpan while I swept, then he helped wipe off the batles with other friends. In the foyer he drove some vehicles on the road...also liked the magnet blocks!! We played with stickers today. The time period right after nap seems to be toughest."

"Oliver was in a fabulous mood today. He continues to love the trains. We got a few more trains and a train carpet over the weekend, and Oliver spent a lot of time with them. Outside, we heard lots of sirens. Oliver walked around to tell us "Whee-ooh! Whee-ooh!" After lunch, he was in a silly mood he did lots of pillow wrestling and giggling."

"Oliver played with puzzles and listened to stories before nap. He was in a great mood again today--sometimes I think he is very affected by the mood of his peers. A friend was crying and Oliver started crying--very age appropriate though. He's been telling us that mom drives a school and dad drives a fire truck!"

"Oliver was in a great mood again today. During breakfast he squatted on his char and "danced" to some music. He made a long line with the waffle block and even let Elle Join him. when he was done with the line, he practiced jumping over it. In the foyer, he named colors on the pop-up toys. He wore an apron, walked around with a camera to his face saying "cheese!"

"Oliver painted with leaf stamps! Outside he rode a tricycle and a red motorcycle! He sat next to Birka at lunch--they leaned their faces close to each other and would laugh... did this over and over again! Used the kitchen area and played with small vehicles."