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Oliver Film Festival 2007

For Oliver's second birthday party, I put together a series of three short videos, each with its own focus. The party overall was a blast. Mamie baked and decorated a beautiful Thomas the tank engine cake, while Auntie Jen put together a delicious spread of breakfast goodies. Thanks to all of their help, I was able to focus on getting the mini films ready for showtime.

Selection #1: "The Great Pumpkin Hunt 2007"

This film was pulled together from a bunch of footage I took when we went out looking for pumpkins in our neighborhood.

pumpkin humt.png

Selection #2: "Papie, Pizza & Poop"

This shorty features some of Oliver's first words caught on tape. His real first word, not on tape, was "light." He started saying it when he was 13 months old. I remember being so excited for him that I wanted to bring him to some elaborated store full of lights so that he could just keep pointing above saying "light" "light" "light". While that never happened, I still enjoy hearing his new words. I hope this video below captures that joy.

words words.png

Selection #3: "Oliver's Adventures with Mindi Poppins"

This feature is in honor of Oliver's nanny Mindi, who for a year and a half took care of Oliver. She added so much to his life and mine. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to get to know her in this way. She just recently got a new job and will no longer be Oliver's nanny, but will remain part of our family.

mindi poppins.png


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