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big boy bed

oliver big boy bed.JPG

In the beginning of August,Oliver made a move from the crib to a big boy bed. At first he was afraid of the bed, unsure what to do with all the space. The safety gate gave him some comfort.

Concerned that he might just get of his own bed and crawl into bed with us, we told him that when he gets up in the morning he has to say "Mama, Papa, I'm awake; come get me." Lucky for us, this practice has stuck and now we wake up every morning (around 6:30am) to Oliver's sweet little voice saying "Mama, Papa, come get me." -- what a nice replacement to the previous crying that was common practice when waking up in the crib.

The photo above of Oliver sleeping ... so still ... so peaceful, almost makes me cry. Do we adults looks so beautiful when we sleep?