October 4, 2007

about this blog

Oliver (3months) sleeping while mama scraps

This blog is devoted to archiving and exploring memories related to motherhood and my son Oliver. For much of Oliver's first year I collected photos and mementos into a scrapbook. After a while, I found the scrapbook to be too limited in terms of what artifacts could be documented. With this blog I hope to include not only multiple photos, but also video, sound clips and even some dramatic productions. Also important is the space this blog offers in terms of writing about these memories.

At this point I'd like to thank two other bloggers/vloggers: Kevin O of Video Haiku, and Erin of Mom's Brag Blog. Although very different in style, both have inspired my thinking about digital archiving of memories. I must also thank my generous in-laws who have helped me much in terms of the equipment I use to collect, edit, and archive these memories. I hope that they will enjoy visiting and revisiting this blog.

As a new blogger/vlogger, I welcome any feedback you may have in terms of better ways I might record these memories.

Thank you for visiting.