getting close!


printing soon!
binding at the top, (flip book)
spiral bound, small metal spiral

change of layout/design

a comparative of two of the same pages to show the changes

*hierarchy is improved, as well as a separation of the entry numbers, and a better small caps title. 
-also, its back to using the master page, now that I was taught how that works exactly! much easier.

mood/color association

I found that color is an important association made when I was reflecting on my paintings, on how i felt before, during and after my physical activity.
I not only looked at the color, but brush stroke, as well as what was painted.

from color lab:
-it has options on warm, cool and neutral colors.

from colormatters:
-interesting because color may cause a deeper level of meaning in your mind
so unconsciously you may associate a color with a cultural meaning, or even with another brand that uses a similar color. 

first pages of book

obviously this is a work in progress..

a look at a few pages

needs a title still, im thinking something with body/mind connection and creativity? (exercise too?)
maybe something with 3 words, to tie in the 9x9 pages, working in multiples of 3

sprint, plan for book


the dimensions have already changed, its 9x9 pages, and each painting is 4x4, the layout works a lot better.


inspiration none the less...

this agency is listed on

agency out of Washington, they have a great website, and wide range of clients too..

style guide completion


(the cover is still a work in progress..)

first pages of style guide

The first couple pages from the style guide..

Small Family Farm

interesting article

when bad things happen to good logos

I came across this article and found it interesting, it even mentions that horrible youth commission logo for the Catholic Church..

change of typeface

iafter some critique on my type choices I am steering away from Optima as a type choice for the farm logo, which will say grow local.
Optima being too Roman and formal..I am in search of a good mix of playful yet sophisticated. 

Gill Sans
Asenine super thin
arial rounded

more to come..
I want to play with more type styles and put them with my logo
(I may take a typestyle that is a little more formal and make it a little more playful by hand)

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