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Craig Wards personal website, really cool created in flash. Uses typography to make pictures and forms. Clients such as Time magazine, Ebay, New York Times, The Economist.
Categorizes feelings, peoples sentences about their moods. 

Information Design

Information design must be:
-not for persuasion, but presentation

-informing the traveler
-explaining how things work. ex. ipod diagram
-guidebook, bar chart, diagram

  • AIGA link:
  • used only type to show how over 2 mill. people are employed by government, interesting space as a whole.
  • ministry of type: map using shape and type
  • shows some process and diagramming complex information, laying it out in a way that is easy to understand, without scientific information behind it.

how do we approach information design projects?
-gather data: what are all the possibilities
-organizing categorizing the data
-create a system/identity (overall style, symbol system, color key)
-what form does it take?

questions to consider:
what do they know, what to the need to know?
how do they typically get their information?
consider cultural/generational/understanding

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