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brief and moodboard



Here is the newest version of the cell phone info graphic diagram!
colors are all flat now, hopefully better readability with larger numbers too

more from dropular

Hierarchy is achieved through size of ships. A good play on the word "bankruptcy" and "sinking of the ship"
-didn't realize until after looking at this for a little while that the top of the ships are on a graphing system as well

Talking about consumers habits and how they spend their money, broken into categories

A lot of information condensed
use of symbols for each category with color


found this on dropular.com (really cool site!)
-shows the phenomenon of the domino effect, how information is passed from person to person.
-I especially like the "logo" at the bottom right that integrates the faces with the title. Easily readable because of the two colors correlate with the faces made. :) or :(
-I am thinking of using faces in my piece and comparing how many symbols I use in my texts/month compared to the national average and use of the faces symbol.
It is also readable because the text is pulled off to the side and separate from the image-something i am also going to try and do in my info graphics piece.

edited cell diagram


Simplified a bit since last critique. New title, and more information!


After critique today, I realized simplicity is key in creating a diagram that is easily readable and gets your point across.

a good site that shows examples of diagrams/maps that take a lot of information and organize it in a way that is easily interpreted. 
I definitely could spend a lot of time here searching key words and looking at examples..

a few that caught my eye: (under "infographic" as keyword)
1. the immigration diagram showing a 3d model of where the most immigrants are coming from to the US. 
-I might try and make my project a little more dynamic in making the horizontal bars into bar graph data. Possibly making them 3d like this diagram would be cool too.
2. make naps worthwhile diagram
-I think this one is a little to text heavy, its a good organization of data (especially for those who are using illustration in their projects might want to take a look at this one)



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I realize there is a lot going on, I am trying to balance design with the information, any ideas are welcomed!


project 2 research

Smashing Magazine 
 has compiled many sites that displays information in an effective way.

some interesting ones:

-informationarchitects.jp/ia-trendmap-2007v2/ (shows a web trend map, most frequented sites are organized)

-http://www.time.com/time/covers/20061030/where_we_live/ (shows a map that has spikes showing the population densities in different cities.)

-http://www.musicovery.com/ (your able to browse through music by a web map where it makes it easier to browse music based on song, artist, or style)

example of good information design


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