edited cell diagram


Simplified a bit since last critique. New title, and more information!


Hey I really like that, simplified the image down more. It is a lot easier to read, especially the typeface you chose works well with this topic. I don't think this is bad, but the black in the background somewhat detracts from the very colorful circles. Maybe work with the color of that and see how it affects the overall piece.

Piece looks really good overall. The black balls and bars look a little blurry, I am not sure if that is a bad thing. It makes me move more toward the information. Your title also goes over one of the blue dots, make it go over more or not over any.

i like how some of the numbers have gotten bigger which makes my eye want to read the rest... i really like the title it helps understanding what is going on right away and you've done such a great job already i think its just really cool to look at

I think that its a really good start to this project. I can see a lot of thing you might want to do touching up to in the design work though. The text could be a little more interesting. Your doing really well with the use of space, there is a lot to look at and catch your eye.

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