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I realize there is a lot going on, I am trying to balance design with the information, any ideas are welcomed!

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Hey Kendall,

Your image looks great, and this looks like one of the best projects from the class. I'm really excited to see the final outcome.

A couple of notes (If you want them...):

Watch your resolution. I can see pixelation on your squares and on some of your circles. If you'd like to make sure you get clean edges, you "smart shapes" instead of making a box and filling it with the paint bucket on photoshop.

Use your type approprately: treat words during this project as precious. Avoid using unnecessary words and try to use shortened versions and simple language; think of your audience as a 14 year old girl, and image maintaining her attention. You've also set up an awesome opportunity to use some of the "lingo" of text messaging as a humorous aspect. Try throwing in some LOL and acronyms to reflect your content.

Create a better separation between your two contrasting data points. Visually, it's chaotic if you don't separate them more with white space. Build off the edges of your paper in a dynamic way, and leave the white space in the center instead of around the edges.

Over all, nice work. Please let me know if you ever need a second opinion.

D. Rhodes

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