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first pages of style guide

The first couple pages from the style guide..

Small Family Farm

interesting article

when bad things happen to good logos

I came across this article and found it interesting, it even mentions that horrible youth commission logo for the Catholic Church..

change of typeface

iafter some critique on my type choices I am steering away from Optima as a type choice for the farm logo, which will say grow local.
Optima being too Roman and formal..I am in search of a good mix of playful yet sophisticated. 

Gill Sans
Asenine super thin
arial rounded

more to come..
I want to play with more type styles and put them with my logo
(I may take a typestyle that is a little more formal and make it a little more playful by hand)

type possibilities

wordmark combined with logo. A variety of styles, but all come off a similar way, similar feel when placed with the logo

type styling:

photoshoot:another example


photoshoot: grow fresh

This was one of the photos (untouched) from a photoshoot that I am thinking about using for the materials for the farm. 
grow fresh, grow local, homegrown..

color options


color options
2 and 3 color options available

logo ideas


I like the more abstract ones on the bottom that deal with seeds, growth, preservation

AIGA 365: Design in 2009

Not really having complete relevance to this project, but inspiration non the less..
in section 5 is the promotional design and advertising, which applies to this project.

some really good work

thinking typography

some of my favorites.
fry fonts - I like the playfulness of this font, might work well for my small family farm logotype.
luco sans - I really like the number on this font
and this one just made me laugh..

logo research

I saw on Rachel's blog she mentioned this site, really cool! so thank you for this!

many ideas came from browsing this site..
i really liked the Sports Focus logo, with the running man that had blue (for water), green (for land,earth) and a yellow dot for the sun. 
I thought this was good inspiration of simple design and a perfect example of what I am the client for this project:The Park, which the theme is "staying active"/getting outdoors emphasis.

also, the Sticky Beak labels, and the Cafe Click, and Urban Chic were creative logos too, take a look for yourself its a cool site.


logo identity

Noteworthy identity work listed by year and company:
-most interesting to me was the 'noted' tab and shows redos of old logos from companies like:
    -merrill lynch
    -sci fi
    -packard bell

an example of a logo redesign and why:
-I really liked the soft ribbon-like feel, the 3d feel is really cool. I might try to integrate this into my logo for small family farm-a modern, forward-thinking (as quoted from F-secure) is my goal, I want the family farm to be reinvented and perceptions to change that natural,local food is healthy and modern

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