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getting close!


printing soon!
binding at the top, (flip book)
spiral bound, small metal spiral

change of layout/design

a comparative of two of the same pages to show the changes

*hierarchy is improved, as well as a separation of the entry numbers, and a better small caps title. 
-also, its back to using the master page, now that I was taught how that works exactly! much easier.

first pages of book

obviously this is a work in progress..

a look at a few pages

needs a title still, im thinking something with body/mind connection and creativity? (exercise too?)
maybe something with 3 words, to tie in the 9x9 pages, working in multiples of 3

sprint, plan for book


the dimensions have already changed, its 9x9 pages, and each painting is 4x4, the layout works a lot better.

style guide completion


(the cover is still a work in progress..)

first pages of style guide

The first couple pages from the style guide..

Small Family Farm

type possibilities

wordmark combined with logo. A variety of styles, but all come off a similar way, similar feel when placed with the logo

type styling:

color options


color options
2 and 3 color options available

logo ideas


I like the more abstract ones on the bottom that deal with seeds, growth, preservation



Here is the newest version of the cell phone info graphic diagram!
colors are all flat now, hopefully better readability with larger numbers too

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