Final Style Guide


I changed alot of things around from my rough style guide. I changed my mark colors and shape along with its position in the Roots logo. The field in the background of my mark is now curved and the animals are moved more towards the center and are smaller. I also moved the mark to the first o in Roots.

Visual Research
This link has a sketchbook designed in a graphic way. It relates to what i'm currently working on with my sketchbook. I'd like to integrate the text and image like this designer does with his sketchbook.

Rough Style Guide

Visual Research
I thought this was an interesting view on how logos change depending on the circumstances of the time. It relates to what we're doing in class because we're trying to create logos that are appealing to people based on who our subject matter is.

This is a good website to look at to get ideas on how to integrate text and image to create a working logo for a company.

Type Styling


Logo Design II


Logo Design

Visual Research

This article is about recycling materials like computers and other electronics called "e waste." 
E Waste is poisoning our landfills and creating large amounts of waste that cannot be used again. This article relates to our current project in that its trying to make its local areas have less waste and create ways to re use products, similar to the Urban Garden Project.

Visual Research

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