October 26, 2007


Well time to reshuffle this assignment. Let’s do this as an informal blog going over the magical adventure of my story. So there I was on the bus when I was able to strike up a conversation with a female which magically landed on the topic of her now voting. She mentioned, quite passionately that she wasn’t too happy about the housing issues going around and that now, for the first time, she actually cared about voting. The light bulb in my head immediately turned on and I started asking her questions. She said that she and her roommate would talk to me. BAM! There’s an interview set up. During the interview, the two ladies explained to me how they never gave a rip about politics in Duluth. But now that the housing situations in Duluth were affecting students, they began to care.
The next day I was full of confidence and ready to interview more people. So I sat around Kirby Plaza, waiting for someone to interview. After a while I saw a girl walking alone and decided to make her a victim of mine. I stopped her and chatted for a couple of minutes; another source. I was on a roll. She told about how she was new here therefore she didn’t care. Here was another side to the story, which was perfect for me to add to my article. After I let her go, I stopped a male who was wearing a gopher shirt and looked to be in no hurry. I flipped on the sirens in my head and I pulled him over for a few minutes. Not to be a bragger or anything, but I had just hit 3/3. That’s pretty good. Well with my sources and information I went and sat down at my computer, and hit the wall, hard. I had to have sat staring at an empty page for almost an hour, having no idea where to start. Eventually I made myself type some crap onto the screen, which I was later able to revise into a lesser form of crap. And there ends the magical adventure of me and my political story.

October 22, 2007

Blog assignment

This is the blog assignment. It took me a while to find the first blog, being a a news blog. But here is the great link. http://chronicle.com/news/ This blog is about how the University of the district of Columbia may return up to 18 million dollars in unspent money. Its a small blog and really doesn't give a reason. I don't really like this blog because it is really formal. When I hear the word blog I feel like the writer and the reader should really connect.

The second blog is called middle eastern tales. It talks about this guy that was taken and put in a cell that had no sunlight and all he had was a can to go to the bathroom in. When he was released he joined this group not as an armed fighter but as a political person and they would smuggle newspapers into towns to give lectures. I liked this blog alot more. This person made it like he was telling a story, which made the blog much more interesting.

October 17, 2007

first blog yay

just popped the bloggin cherry with this