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The Swampy Lowlands

I applaud Gene and others whose noble efforts seek to tap the wisdom of everyday practice from those who know the solutions to their problems the best. There is a real destine and distrust from those whose job it is to put theory into practice when theory is handed down as doctrine to be used. There is also the reverse, where common, tacit knowledge is not really viewed as knowledge in the pure, scientific sense - those in positions of power may not see them as viable solutions for the rest of the practitioners. If the intent is to capture and disseminate the knowledge for the purposes of growing new knowledge, wonderful. If it is to distill down peoples processes and knowledge for the sake of their replacement then I have great reservations. I like to look at the tacit knowledge of teachers whose experience and wisdom is wrought with years of slogging it out in the trenches. So much of their knowledge leaves when they leave. I don't believe we have done enough to capture the knowledge to share with future generations of teachers and this is where I believe where technologies like Web 2.0 can be employed to capture and refine these nuggets. swamp.jpg