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Two Teens killed in car crash

Two teenage girls were killed in a car accident after being let out of school early from the snow storm. On Thursday Ashley Severson, 16, and Nicole Peterson, 16, were killed in a two-car accident in Black Brook Township around 12 noon. The girls were released early from school due to the bad weather. According to WCCO Severson was driving southbound on state highway 46 and lost control over her car and collided with a car going northbound. Severson was pronounced dead on the scene and Peterson was transpoted to Regions Hospital in St. Paul, where she died from her injuries. According to police the accident appears to be weather related. http://wcco.com/local/local_story_061121715.html

According to Kstp the driver and the passenger of the other vehicle were taken to Amery Regional Medical Center with serious injuries. At this point there hasn’t been any recent updates about there condition.