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Pregnant woman shoots robber

According to the Star Tribune Joe Khalil the owner of the St. Paul Super USA store at 1198 Earl St. stepped out for a few minutes Saturday and his wife Susana Khalil, who is eight months pregnant, took over the counter while her husban stepped out. While she tended to the counter a would-be robber entered, and pretend to be armed with a gun. The female robbery suspect pretended to have a gun concealed in a paper bag, police said, and she got into a scuffle with Susana Khalil..

According to Kare11 Susana was forced to use a gun her husband kept behind the counter. The robbery suspect, who is not named, was shot near the collarbone was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

According to AHN Joseph Khalil said he kept the gun behind the counter for protection but had never used it in the year they had owned the store. Susana Khalil has not been charged in the shooting and police are reviewing store security video to determine what happened.