April 16, 2007

BBC reporter still missing

According to CNN The parents of BBC reporter Alan Johnston, who was kidnapped last month in Gaza, have appealed for news of his condition after an unknown militant group said it had killed him.
According to CNN the British Broadcasting Corporation said Sunday it was "deeply concerned" about the statement by the Tawad and Jihad Brigades. The Palestinian officials said they have no evidence or information that Johnston, who was apparently abducted at gunpoint on March 12, was killed.

According to BBC thousands of BBC journalists and other employees fell silent across Britain at 2:15 p.m. which was the exact time on March 12, five weeks ago, when he was snatched at gunpoint as he was returning home from his office to his Gaza City.

According to BBC the 44-year-old joined the BBC World Service in 1991 and has spent eight of the last 16 years as a correspondent, including periods in Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. He has lived and worked in Gaza for three years and was the only Western reporter permanently based in the often violent and lawless territory.

Madonna might adopt another child

According to Post Chronicle Madonna is heading back to Malawi to adopt another child where she adopted a Malawi boy, David Banda last year. It is said that she has fallen for a three-year-old orphan named Grace after seeing video footage of her playing at an African orphanage she helped fund.

According to CNN the singer is expected to visit an orphanage just outside the capital Lilongwe in connection with her charity work in the country as well as travel to the Home of Hope orphanage, where Banda lived before Madonna applied to adopt him.

According to Hindustantimes Madonna hopes to make the adoption permanent following an l8-month evaluation period, imposed by Malawi authorities. Madonna has also pledged 3 million dollars to the impoverished nation through her Raising Malawi fund and is spearheading the construction of an orphanage that will be able to care for up to 4,000 children.

April 5, 2007

Cruise hits rocks

According to CNN a cruise ship, off the Greek island of Santorini, carrying nearly 1,600 people was evacuated after it struck rocks and began taking on water. Most of the Sea Diamond's passengers and crew were evacuated by a small ferry and other boats to Santorini's main port. All the passengers and crew members got off the ship without injuries.

According to Mwfaa there was more than a dozen ships that were involved in the rescue, along with six navy rescue helicopters, two military transport planes and four warships. The Merchant Marine Ministry said 1,195 passengers and 391 crew members were on board. Most of the passengers were from the United States.

According to Tourism Minister Fani Palli Petralia said arrangements had been made to put the rescued passengers up in Santorini hotels. The passenger’s will be returning on chartered ships to Athens’ main port of Piraeus early Friday.

March 31, 2007

A swim coach was caught on tape assulting his daughter

According to Kare11 a Ukrainian swim coach has been banned from having any contact with his daughter after he was captured by TV cameras assaulting the swimmer at the World Championships in Australia. The footage shows Mikhail Zubkov 38, repetitively punching and pushing his daughter Kateryna Zubkova after she did not qualify for finals in her event.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald the International swimming federation (FINA) withdrew the coach's accreditation and by withdrawing the accreditation means the coach cannot come into any swimming venue anymore.

According to ABCsport Police were called in to examine the vision and they identified the pair and called them in for questioning. Kateryna Zubkova required no medical treatment. There will be a hearing meanwhile the Victoria Police are conducting a full investigation.

March 18, 2007

A Diverse St. Patrick's Day Parade in Dublin

According to MyFox9 on St. Patrick's Day in Dublin there was Lithuanian musicians, drum-beating Punjabis and West African dancers used in the parade on Saturday to celebrate the booming Ireland that has become a land the diverse. It was said that there was even a float that featured "Miss Panty," Dublin's premier drag queen. According to MyFox9 Dublin's freewheeling parade drew a half-million spectators.

According to Spokesmanreview Christine Quinn, the first openly gay leader of the New York City Council was even takeing part in the festivites in Dublin. It was said that Quinn boycotted the New York parade because the organizers refuse to let gay and lesbian groups march. According to SPOKESMANREVIEW Quin said
"The fact I'm here in Dublin and able to march and participate in inclusive events should send a message of how backwards the New York parade is."

According to ABCnews more than 1,000 police were on duty to deal with the anticipated alcohol-fueled trouble in the evening. It was said that in past years such as in 2005 there were 700 arrests.

March 2, 2007

Three tons of hash was burned Friday by Dutch authorities.

Three tons of hash was burned Friday by Dutch authorities.
According to WCCO a van carrying the illegal cargo crashed and scattered it across the road. The Driver and the passenger fled the scene leaving the damaged vehicle and the $20 million cargo of hash.

The hash was said to be scattered around the area and hundreds more were found stacked on wooden pallets inside the van.

According to ABC7 NEWS Detectives are hunting for the van's driver and a passenger after they fled the scene of the crash. The police are trying to tracing the owner of the van it is a possibility it may be stolen or leased.

February 24, 2007

Tourist kills mugger with bare hands

Tourist kills mugger with bare hands
According to Yahoo! News, three locals held up twelve Americans touring the Caribbean the Carnival Liberty cruise at gun and knifepoint in Costa Rica. One of the tourists, Clova Adams, thought that the hold up was a joke until the gun was drawn on her. An American tourist killed one of the muggers holding up the vacationers.;_ylt=AvPXavkQ.NsuWlvApyzAa9hvaA8F

Police: U.S. tourist in Costa Rica kills mugger with bare hands
According to The Union Tribune, the American tourist, who asked to remain anonymous, is a 70-year-old retired military veteran put the 20-year-old mugger into a headlock and broke his clavicle. The suspect killed, Warner Segure, was later declared dead from asphyxiation.

U.S. tourist kills mugger with bare hands
According to, the two other muggers fled when the tourists started defending themselves. After the other men where gone, the tourist bus drove Segure to the Red Cross, where her was pronounced dead. The police say that the tourists were in the right to defend themselves and that no one will be getting charged.

February 17, 2007

112 drown in Yemeni

At least 112 drown off of Yemeni coast
According to Yahoo! News, a boat loaded with Somali and Ethiopian migrants capsized in the Gulf of Aden. The boat was with three other vessel also carrying migrants coming from Africa to Yemen. There were estimated around 280 passengers aboard the boats.

Smugglers push Yemen migrants into sea and leave 107 to drown
According to The Guardian International, one of the other three boats ordered their passengers into the water before heading back. Initially people thought that only about 30 people had died, until bodies started washing up on the shorelines.,,2015121,00.html

112 Africans drown when smuggling boat capsizes
According to, the boat sunk far off the coast, and the people were in the water for several hours before the Yemeni military came to their rescue. So far the 169 survivors reached the Shabwa shores and registered at the only refugee camp for Somalian and Ethiopian migrants. This tragic event brings to light the thousands of Somalis and Ethiopians who try to escape to the Arabian Peninsula each year in hopes of reaching Europe and freedom.