April 17, 2007

More thenn 30 lives lost at Virginia Tech

In the wake of the recent massacre at Virginia Tech University many are grieving for the loss of loved ones. Today April 16, 2007 marks the day of the most horrific school shooting.
Siren`s flooded the Virginia Tech campus this Monday morning after a deadly shooting that claimed the lives of 32 people including the gunman and 29 others wounded in the shooting rampage.
According to Fox9The gunman opened fire in a dormitory and a class room at Virginia Tech University during a two-hour span.
The university was struck today with a tragedy of monumental proportions.
According Kare11 the university, situated in Blacksburg, southwest Virginia, will be closed through Tuesday and faculty and staff members were asked to go home effective immediately after the incident.
According to the china View this was the deadliest shooting accident that took place in a campus in the U.S. history. Previously, the deadliest campus shooting in the country took place in 1966 at the University of Texas at Austin, in which 17 people, including the gunman, were killed.
After all this many questions are being raised, and many college campuses are wondering what they can do to prevent something like this from happening again.
This is a sad April day, and all my prayers are being sent out to the families, friends and college students at Virginia Tech.

April 16, 2007

Shooting at Vriginia Tech

According to WCCO A shooting at a Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg has left one person dead and one wounded. The shooting occurred at West Ambler Johnston Hall.

According to CNN the shooting came three days after a bomb threat Friday that forced the cancellation of classes in three buildings. The shooting occurred at West Ambler Johnston Hall, a co-ed dormitory that houses 895 students. The dormitory, one of the largest residence halls on campus, is located near the drill field and stadium.
According the Post Chronicle university officials said, the suspect in an early morning shooting is still on the loose, possibly still on campus. It would appear that there were two separate shooting incidents one at around 7:30 a.m. and the other around 10:30 a.m.

26.6 million paid to the families of the astrnauts who died in the sapce shuttle Columbia in 2003

According to WJZ NASA paid $26.6 million to family members of the astronauts who died on the space shuttle Columbia in 2003. Documents obtained by the Orlando Sentinel through a federal Freedom of Information Act request show that former FBI Director William Webster helped negotiate out-of-court settlements with the families.

According to WCCO the U.S. space agency had never before disclosed the settlement to protect the privacy of the Columbia families. Also, the Orlando Sentinel reported two astronaut families had ordered preflight insurance policies through NASA, but the agency failed to obtain the additional coverage before the accident. The families then threatened to go public before the agency paid the two families the additional insurance.

April 10, 2007

Rutgers Team agrees to meet with Imus

According to the Boston Herald players from the Rutgers team agreed to have a meeting with Don Imus after he called the Rutgers female basketball players �nappy-headed hos.� The team will be meeting with Imus to get to the bottom of the racial slur, and plan on asking him why he did it and the reasons behind the slur. The girls would like to express their great hurt, and the sadness that he has brought to them.

Accodording to CNN MSNBC and CBS Radio, which owns New York's sports-talk station WFAN, announced they were suspending Imus for two weeks, beginning Monday. Imus’S future at MSNBC depends on "his ability to live up to his word," according to a statement from NBC News.

According to SFgate Head Coach C. Vivian Stringer told press that her team is made up of young ladies of class, distinction. She also said they are articulate, they are gifted. They are God's representatives in every sense of the word. According to SFgate Stringer believes that the remarks that were made by Imus were despicable, racist and sexist.

April 5, 2007

FBI agent Killed

According to CBS11 an FBI agent has died following a shooting Thursday in Readington, N.J. The officer was said to be shot by a suspect wanted in connection to multiple bank robberies in the area. Dozens of police, FBI, and Homeland Security vehicles were on the scene of the shooting.

According to ABC the agent was ambushed while tailing a group of bank robbers. A gunfight started in the parking lot of the Arvins Garden Center on Route 22, across the street from the bank PNC.

According to CNN there were two suspects that were captured and one was being sought in nearby woods. The state and local authorities are searching for the suspects with helicopters and dogs and were coordinating the search for the third suspect.

April 4, 2007

Coyote in Quiznos sandwhich shop

According to Kare11 a non aggressive coyote walked through a propped-open front door at a downtown Chicago Quiznos sandwich shop. The door was open due to the warm weather and the coyote just wandered in and settled into the cooler on top of soda drinks. According to Kare11 the restaurant manager Bina Patel said the coyote was not aggressive and was just peeking around.

According CBS42 the coyote is now in the care of Animal Control and it took Animal Control workers just a few minutes to get the coyote out.The coyote is now being cared for at the city's shelter.

According to france24 it was the third coyote caught in Chicago in the past two weeks. About 10 to 15 coyotes are captured every year. They usually stay away from busy areas, living near railroad tracks and big garbage containers.

March 31, 2007

California fire started by teen boys

According to CBS4 two teenage boys age 16 and 17, told admitted to police authorities that they started the fire that burned 150 acres close to Universal City, California. The teens are in custody in a juvenile detentions center.

According to WCCO the teens were reportedly visiting here from Illinois.

According to CBS2 the fire began by Oakwood Toluca Hills which is a corporate housing complex. The fire then spread up the north side of the hills. It was said that there were around 150 firefighters and five helicopters combating the fire.

March 17, 2007

Man stabs baby and dashes

According to Kare11 an Indianapolis man stabbed his 11-month-old son in the back with a kitchen knife and threw him out the window and drove off. Police think 31-year-old Kevin Chandler and the boy's mother, Angela Limbrock, were arguing as they prepared to leave Limbrock's apartment on the west side of Indianapolis. Limbrock handed 11-month-old Devin to Chandler so she could retrieve his car seat inside the home. As she left the car, she heard Chandler swear at the boy and turned around to see him throw Devin out of the car window, according to a police report. When Limbrock picked up her son, she saw a knife in his back, the report said.

According to 6news the knife was still in Devon's back when he arrived at a hospital and he is in stable condition according to police detective Jim Thiele the Knife was knife was buried all the way to the handle.

According to CBS11 TV the baby underwent surgery at Riley Hospital for Children and was recovering in good condition.

March 2, 2007

six people killed in Atlanta bus crash

Six people were killed in an Atlanta bus crash.
A bus taking the Bluffton (Ohio) University baseball team to Florida fell 20-feet from a ramp onto I-75 near Atlanta.According to police says the driver apparently mistook the exit lane for part of the carpool lane and continued over the side of the overpass. The bus then hit a concrete barrier and plunged about 20 feet onto I-75.
According to United press international the driver, his wife and four players were killed in the crash Friday morning.

The bus carrying the Bluffton (Ohio) University baseball team was one of 193 teams scheduled to compete in the month-long Gene Cusic Classic according to The New- Press.

Accoding to Fox19 there are only about 1,100 students enrolled at the university where the boys were from and it is a close knit campus. The school held a memorial gathering for those who were lost in the crash in the auditorium and every seat was filled with students, faculty, community members, alumni, area pastors, and area counselors.

February 24, 2007

Florida boy found

In PARRISH, Florida A 13-year-old boy was kidnapped and freed himself. Clay more was abducted Friday at a school bus stop, police said. He was held at gunpoint by a Hispanic or white male. More was then tied up and left in the woods for hours until he got loose.

The boy managed to free himself and walked until he found a farm worker with a cell phone, according to an Associated Press report. He called his mother at about 1:30 Friday afternoon. The boy wasn’t reported to have any major injuries except for scratches and scrapes. According to Local6 investigators are not saying whether Clay was sexually abused. Police have not found the man who abducted the boy but the hunt is still on

February 17, 2007

Tire reef off Florida proves a disaster

According to Yahoo! News, in 1972 tires were unloaded about two miles from shore. They were dumped there in hopes to create an artificial reef to bring in marine life and to free up landfill space. Decades later the idea made with good intentions has shown to be a bad one.

Tire reef off Florida proves a disaster
According to Seattle pi, the tires have had little or no sea life has grown on the tires. Some are breaking loose and scattering the ocean floor, spreading to about 31 football fields. Other tires are washing up on the beaches and wedging into a nearby natural reef, blocking the growth of coral and hurting marine life. \

Artificial tire reef in Florida seemed like a good idea at the time; now it’s a disaster
According to the North County Times, Governor Charlie Crist has proposed a $2 million dollar budget to help clear out the tires from the ocean floor. The cleanup effort includes, Broward County Biologists, state scientists, Army and Navy salvage divers. The project is set to start in June, and is expected to run through 2010, costing the state about $3.4 million.

Cheaters found before NASCAR'S race

According WCCO five teams have been penalized for breaking the rules, including two-time winner Michael Waltrip, for violating the code of NASCAR. During car inspections a NASCAR official found a substance in the gas. According to WCCO adding a substance such as oxygenate to boosts the octane in the fuel makes the engine run better at higher horsepower.

According to the Washington Post during the inspections there were many different confiscated car parts, each tagged like indicating the date it was seized, the racecar it came from and a description of its purpose. NASCAR wants the drivers to know the severity of this, and there will be penalties for cheaters.

According to Fox Sports NASCAR prohibited the qualifying times of Kasey Kahne and Matt Kenseth, and impounded the Toyota of Michael Waltrip after finding "unapproved devices" enhancing the aerodynamic performance of the cars.

Utah teen shoots up a mall

Bosnian teenager shot five people to death in a crowded shopping mall and then died in a shootout with police.

Suleiman Talovic, 18, shot nine people, five fatally, at the Trolley Square mall Monday before he was stopped by police. Four people who were wounded in the attack remained hospitalized.

According to KSTPKstp there were five officers who confronted the gunman and on Thursday, Sgts. Andy Oblad and Josh Scharman, and detectives Dustin Marshall and Brett Olsen.The officers will be honored by the Utah Legislature and Gov. Jon Huntsman on Friday, along with Ogden officer Ken Hammond, who was off-duty and assisted in stopping the man from hurting anyone else.

According to the Summit DailySummit Daily Suleiman and his family immigrated to Utah as war refugees in 1998. Relatives said their village, Talovici in northeast Bosnia, fell to Serb forces soon after the war began. The village was under attack for a whole year before Suleiman and his mother fled to northeastern enclave of Srebrenica, and later his father joined them.

According to the Salt Lake TribuneSalt Lake tribune this was not Suleiman Talovics first act of violence. It was said that he has had a history of violent acts since he was a pre-teen.