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"Hunger" is a the first narrative film from artist Steve McQueen. Overall, I was extremely impressed by the photography in the movie. The camera angles, lighting, and flow were exceptional. "Hunger" is a film from the 1980s which tells an unbiased story of the war between the IRA and RUC in Britain.

The film has three main sections. The first shows both sides of the battle. This does well to humanize the brutality of the RUC. The second communicates a conversation between protagonist Bobby Sands (IRA) and an officer. Lastly, the final section tells the story of Bobby's gradual descent into starvation. Bobby begins a hunger strike to lead his fellow comrades.

The first and last section have much visual and sound stimulation. In contrast, the middle section is extremely dialogue oriented. The beginning scene has many compelling angles and episodic shots. My favorite was the scene of the guard smoking a cigarette in the snow outside. The camera is zoomed in on his hand. Instead of focusing on the cigarette, it focuses on his bloody hand. It has been cut from punching cellmates all day. This middle scene is 17 minutes of the same camera angle. Here, Bobby and the guard are debating about philosophy, politics, and the morality of martyrdom. In the scene, the smoke from their cigarettes is very hypnotic.

sound art- "woods for free", sean + hussian

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Nash Gallery Response

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Restoring Balance, 2010
-steel, aluminum, glass, video, water

Upon entering the gallery, I was immediately drawn to this piece. It is fairly large in size and gives off a sacrificial/temple vibe. I was impressed by the entire set-up (lighting, location, size, construction, etc.) Additionally, the sonic aspect of the piece was captivating. However, I disliked the video projection footage that was applied to the water glass. I would have preferred the footage be more abstract. Overall, I enjoyed the mysteriousness, the playfulness, and the serenity of the work.

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link to artist working with New/media, etc.

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