The Arts in Montevideo Uruguay, ARTS 5490 Course content:

This course is a three-week program in Uruguay experiencing the art and culture of the country. Two topics are proposed: "Social relationships in Urban Space" and "Dissent, debate and freedom of expression."

During time in Montevideo, students will associated with the Escuela Bellas Artes of the Universidad de la Republica (our May term is the middle of their Winter term).

We will meet with artists; visit collections, museums and historical sites; and meet with individual collectors, museum directors and curators.

Students will pursue their own work and a collaborative project developed by them with the person9S0 of their choice and be mentored by an Uruguayan artist and the U of MN faculty coordinator.

At the end of the program in Montevideo, there will be an exhibition of this work in Montevideo, Uruguay and in the fall of 2010 in the Quarter Gallery, Regis Art Center.

Recent Entries

ENBA exhibition "Crossings/ Cruces"
Everyone was surprised by the wide range of work that we realized: from drawings on paper of animals moving towards…
Schedule Monday June 7- Saturday June 12
Monday June 7 11am: Meeting with Ambassador David Nelson at US embassy Noon: Meeting with Partners Uruguay. Alianza Americana Lunch…
the Crux
I am always finding that on this trip, the things I have really enjoyed have been unexpected. Last night, when…