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New Employee Orientation Redesign: TLP Sep 2006

The report was put together by a Transformational Leadership Team in 2006 to evaluate and provide recommendations on a proposed onboarding program for new employees. The intent of the new employee orientation program (NEO) is to assist in employee retention and development by providing information necessary to their success, productivity and sense of community during their first years. The Opportunity Statement outlining the report and the onboarding program outlines:
Achieve Strategic Goals
Improve Retention
Improve Employee Productivity, Engagement, Morale and Sucess
Meet Employee and University Needs and
REduce Redundancies and Achieve Delivery of Cionsistent, Accurate Information.

The team first looked at the results of the exlsting New Employee Orientation Survey data and came up with a long list of problems with new employee orientation. They next looked at retention at the University and estimated the cost of employee turnover. The team then held focus group research, dividing employees into the groups of Bargaining Unit, Civil Service, Adacemic Faculty, and Academic P&A and asked each group questions on their experience with the orientation program, what was wrong, right, and what they would recommend in the future. The report contains lots of anecdotal quotes.
The team also looked at best practices at 3M, Cargill and Medtronic and at the U of Washington, U of Wisconsin and U of California-Berkeley.
The report makes 38 recommendations on how to improve onboarding at the University.

In looking for connections with Staff Engagement, I found the "cultural barriers" identified on pages 67 and 68 relevant. The report listed obstacles to achieving success for employee orientation which could also be barriers to ongoing staff engagement. These barriers are:
inclusion and community,
career progression, and
supervisory accountability.
On pages 46 - 49, one of the recommendations is to have a wide variety of activities, oppiortunities and materials for employees, including
Learning and Training Opportunities,
Career Progression and Consultation,
Performance and Expectations, and
Opportunities on Campus.
Finally, one of the recommendations "outside the scope" of the NEO report includes ideas to further the University's strategic goals with employees on pages 58 - 61, which include
Create an Employee Violunteer Program,
Create an Employee Mentor Program, and
Create an Employee Recognition Program.
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