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SE - Peer Institutions

Peer institutions and Staff Engagement

Berkeley – Laureen
Michigan – Mike – got some information (see e-mail)
Penn State – Mary Ellen
Ohio State & Purdue – Laura
Texas & Washington – Janet
Illinois & UCLA - Asim

University of Illinois - Asim

The University of Illinois does not have any major specific activities on staff engagement. They have individual programs supporting different kinds of public engagements as well as committees in a variety of areas. After contacting all three campuses' HR offices as well as the university level HR office the conclusion is that no specific program, office, or organized activities are undertaken at U Illinois on staff engagement.

University of Michigan - Mike

(from Mke's inquiry about Michigan): Mr. Allen,
Two years ago, we started a program called Voices of the Staff. It has been an amazing journey in staff engagement, and well received by all staff. Here is our website:


If you need more info after looking at our website, let me know.
Go Blue!

Diane J. Vasquez
Manager, HR Operations
Human Resources & Affirmative Action
University of Michigan

06 Feb 2007 LLRM
Notes from UC Berkeley websites
The UC-Berkeley site has lots of info when searched on staff engagement. The Office of Human Resources has the most info, and includes a strategy odcument from April 2004 that was presented to the Chancellor and Cabinet on "staff climate at Berkeley." The presentation includes a chart with the goal: To create an environment where the best people can do their best work" and shows the goals, context and actions related to
develop Staff and
develop supervisors.
More info on the hr website: http://hrweb.berkeley.edu/about/initiatives.htm
Berkeley also has a website just for a Staff Infrastructure Steering Committee. The Staff Infrastructure Steering Committee has a series of 'integrated projects' designed to transform the staff working environment at Berkeley and to help the campus recruit and retain an engaged, diverse and high-performing work force.
The Steering committee works with campus leaders, managers, staff and staff representatives. More info on specific projects is included at the site: http://sisc.berkeley.edu.
Berekely's Business and Administrative Services made a presentation to the American Council on Educations' Annual Conference in March 2004 with the title "Using the Balanced Scorecard (Kaplan) as a Vehicle for Cultural Transformation."