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Best Buy announced Thursday their plan to close 50 U.S. big box stores. This announcement coincides with their posting a fourth quarter loss.

AP reports that Best Buy is shifting to more smaller, mobile stores that offer a more narrow focused array of products. There is a large decrease in sales of television and gaming products and an increase in phones, tablets, and e-readers. The new mobile stores will focus on these products.

Business Insider reports that although Best Buy posted a fourth quarter loss they exceeded analyst expectations.

Both stories report that losses can be attributed to the recent trend of using Best Buy to survey products before going to competitors such as Amazon and Walmart to make final purchases.

Best Buy's overall goal is to save $800 million in spending through the store closings and layoffs.


Business Insider:

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Analyzing "Senate passes its version of the voter ID amendment" by Nick Sudheimer in the MN Daily.

This story follows the passage of a proposed constitutional amendment in the Minnesota state senate.

The story starts out by providing the background information on the voter ID amendment and an overview of the process that the legislation must undergo before it could turn up on election ballots. This informs an audience that may not know what the amendment concerns and gets all readers on the same page. Some of the language in these first few descriptive paragraphs contains jargon that could confuse readers. Simple language that clearly addresses the bill is what is needed.

From the background the author goes on to interview the bill's sponsor, Senator Scott Newman but provides only one sentence in support of his opinion. The following information and interviews show the democratic stance on the issue and the reasons behind their opposition to the bill. The article does not feel very balanced until the very end where it returns to the conservative viewpoints; but again it is only a couple sentences.

Clear language and balance are both necessary to gain readership and credibility. This article could improve upon those points to add reliability to the good information that it did present.

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