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Analyzing: "Elderly Greek kills himself in main Athens square" by the AP

This story is about a Greek pensioner shot himself in a prominent Athens square as a form of political protest.

The article starts with a strong lead that describes the who, when, where, why elements of the story. This lays out the facts that are then built upon in the following paragraphs. The story focuses more on the reaction and effect that the man's actions had on the public rather than the event itself. I think that the backlash is what is most newsworthy but that a little more should be said about the man or give more background on why he did it and what the financial situation is in Greece for readers that have not kept up to date with the situation.

The article eventually discusses the financial crisis that Greece has been dealing with and then quotes a protestor and an activist; both whom stand on the side of those hurt by the crisis. Yes, this is an important aspect of the story and both quotes are good to use but lack of response from the Greece government leaves the story lacking in fairness. The official reaction from the Greece government should be included or summarized. This would make it a well-rounded story.

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