Yesterday morning

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photo credit Jim Ginsdorf

September 11, 2007

Yesterday morning I was completely and utterly awestruck by this place. I put my kids on the bus at 7:25 am and went for a morning run to a prairie pond sanctuary. Who knew that egrets flocked-- I'd only ever seen them as solitary birds standing alone. As I stood in that naturally holy place, pelicans flew in overhead from six different directions in the sky and merged into a flock above my head. They are such massive and primitive looking creatures. They don't make any noises -- but the sounds of their wings flying low in the sky over my head was the whoosh of a whispering jet.

They fly in a wave formation-- it appears to go from front to back. The first one flaps its wings, the next one and on down the line to the last. While the first one glides and then they all glide down the line. Over and over. A rythem-- like a wave demonstration in physics class.

I could have fallen to my knees in awe in the pink morning light.

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