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I'm in a crowd of 450 Bush Fellows. They just identified us by where we live in the Bush region-- North Dakota, South Dakota, Twin Cities, and Greater Minnesota. For the first time I've been id'd as a resident of greater Minnesota. See-- it says "Clinton" on my badge. Now begins the "where is Clinton" series of questions. One thing about living in greater Minnesota is that you lose precious time identifiying where your place is rather than the substance of work and life. But now, I guess, my identification as a rural Minnesotan is part of the susbstance of my life. I'm pleased to be put in the breakout session for the vitality of greater Minnesota. There are 50 Bush Fellows here (of over 450) who hail from greater Minnesota.


Hi! I will be a faithful reader of your blog, most likely. Anything to help me avoid doing my homework! Plus I found it interesting and the pictures are incredible.

Hi Kathy, I was searching the Internet to find the road from Hwy 75 to the Big Stone Colony and this popped up on my search. I was curious and read and read and realized it was you! Writing Alma's name was a big hint. You are so amazing, insightful, and clever with words. I know I don't appreciate the countryside as you have written. Maybe I need to spend a few years in a big city. I will be checking this every so often to see how you view the winter. Can it be beautiful too??? Good luck with your blog and keep writing!

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